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Morphie 35F Fall into Fabulous Pallet Review

After a few busy weeks, I was finally able to go to an Ulta Beauty store to shop for all the beauty products I wanted! I didn’t get all the items I wanted (Mostly because I didn’t bring my shopping list with me) but I did find one of the main items I wanted: The Morhpe 35F Fall into Fabulous eye shadow pallet.

The eye shadow pallet I purchased was the last pallet on the shelf. I’m very happy I was able to get the pallet because it has very pretty colors that will work well with my makeup looks.

The box the eye shadow came in looks like this…

And this is what the box back looks like…

Once out of the box, the pallet looks like this…

And here is the eye shadow pallet looks like…

I love the eye shadow pallets I own, but the colors in this pallet are by far my favorite. There are so many fall themed colors that can also be used for natural eye looks. There are glitter eye shadows and non glitter eye shadows. Some of the glitter are holographic and are complementary while others match the color of the main eye shadow, but the glitter in the eye shadows are very subtle.

As of the writing of this post, I have yet to use the pallet. Even though I have not used the pallet, I am worried about certain colors having fallout. When I purchased the pallet in store, there was a sample pallet open and could be looked at. It could also be touched, but since we’re still in a pandemic, I didn’t touch it. Despite this, someone did touch it and some of the warm toned colors (Located on the lower left side of the pallet) had crumbled and the powder spread around the area and onto the box of the pallet I purchased. I brushed off the powder, but seeing this made me look at the sample pallet to see if this was caused by a fallout prone eye shadow color or a careless customer. I couldn’t tell if it was the actual eye shadow or the customer, but this does make me wonder if some of the warmer toned colors may have some sort of fallout.

Even though I have concerns about fallout, I’m still very happy to own this pallet. I also look forward to using it this fall!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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