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Fall 2019 Home Decor

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means I will need to put up my Christmas decorations! Before I do, I wanted to share my fall decorations for the year.First, I want to start at the fireplace mantel…

Basically, it looks the same way it did for Halloween, except I turned the Rae Dunn bowl around so the Trick or Treat lettering wouldn’t show. Yes, I know it’s a very lazy way of swapping decor, but I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into decorating for fall this year. So, lazy fall decorating it is!

The next place I decorated was the top of the hutch…

Same garland as the one I used for Halloween, except no Halloween wreath or tea lights. Instead, I put a fall wreath on top of the hutch.

And finally, the last place I decorated was the top of the record player…

Out of all the places I decorated, the top of the record player was the location in the house I put the most effort into decorating. I used my Fall Y’all Rae Dunn mugs and small, fake pumpkins in one of my Missoni x Target 20th anniversary design collaboration bowls.

Overall, my fall decor was not as big or impressive as I would like it to be. Despite this, I am happy I was able to decorate around the house instead of leaving it boring and unfestive. I don’t think I’ll decorate as much as I used to for Christmas this year, but I hope to put up more decorations (And the tree) than last year.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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