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It’s Blogmas 2019 & 5 Things I’m Excited for This Holiday Season

Today is December 1, which means it’s the first day of blogmas! If you never heard of blogmas, blogmas is when a blogger will post a new post every day for either 25 days, 31 days, or any other number of days the blogger wants to post for. I participated in blogmas last year and, even though it was hard, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it again this year.

Over the past few months, I’ve worked on blog posts for blogmas between my normal day job in order to give me some time to enjoy the holiday season. Although some posts required some planning, I wanted to give myself some days to talk about topics that happened recently. I hope everyone will enjoy my post this holiday season!

In order to start blogmas, I decided to share 5 things I’m excited for this holiday season!

Small Town Christmas Light Parades

I love small town parades, but small town light parades are extra special. The parade entrants must use their imagination to create not just a Christmas themed float, but they must incorporate lights into the float. I always enjoy seeing the imagination, creativity, and hard work that goes into the floats and entries, sometimes on a very small budget. I have a few small town light parades I want to go to marked on my calendar, so I’m ultra excited to go!


Holiday Decorations

I love holiday decorations no matter what the holiday is, but my favorites have always been Christmas decorations. They always stand out against any home decor and brighten (Literally if you use lights) any space. I always enjoy seeing Christmas decorations and can’t wait to see my friend’s decorations in their houses! Also, I’m very excited to start putting up my own decorations around the house.


Hot Coco

I love hot coco, but it’s always hard to drink in Arizona because it gets so hot. During the month of December, it’s cool enough outside that I can drink my favorite hot drink without the heat to go with it!


Christmas Lights on Houses

In addition to holiday decorations, I also love seeing Christmas lights on houses. When I was young, I would go out with my family on or near Christmas eve and would drive around town after church, looking at the Christmas lights. It’s been a few years since I drove around town looking at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, but I still love looking at Christmas lights.


Delicious Food

The last thing I’m excited for this year is the delicious food. During this time of the year, food is always around. Usually the food is sweet, but I also love food that is cooked by family and friends as a treat, thank you, or as a gesture of holiday good will.

Well that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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