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O.P.I. x Barbie Nail Polish Collection Haul Part 2

After purchasing my first haul of polishes (Or nail lacquer) from the O.P.I. x Barbie collection, I thought my shopping for the nail polishes was done. After all, purchased all the colors I really wanted and, even though I didn’t get the color I wanted the most, I was happy just to have the colors I have.

A few weeks after I purchased the polishes, I found some of the colors still available for purchase at Walmart. This time, they were on sale for a deep discount. After thinking about the nail polishes, I decided it was such a great savings to pass up. So, I purchased three of the four remaining colors I don’t have in my collection.

Here are the colors I purchased…

They include Hey Ken!…

My Job is Beach…

and Yay Space!

Even though I didn’t intend on purchasing these colors (Mostly because they were way too out of my comfort zone) I am very happy to own them. Since I’ve been focusing on using my pink shades, I needed to set these colors aside for a while. Still, I’m really surprised I have nearly all the colors in the collection and I was able to own theses colors for such a good price.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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