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Bath and Body Works Freesia Shower Gel Review

Recently, I started using a new bottle of Bath and Body Works body wash/shower gel. The scent, Freesia, is part of the Signature Collection was available in the spring and sold online only. As of this post, I’m still using Freesia but I already have thoughts about the scent and how much I like it.This is what the bottle looks like…

According to the back of the bottle, the key scent notes are freesia, creamy hyacinth, and white musk.

When I purchased this bottle, I felt excited because the fragrance notes looked like something I would enjoy using. After using the body wash, I can honestly say that the scent is a very nice, floral scent and I relate the scent to walking into a flower shop for the first time and smelling the fragrance of all the flowers in the store at once. I love the scent, but I have problems using this body wash.

Currently, (September/October) I’m suffering from seasonal allergies due to plant life and other allergens in the area where I live. Because I am having allergy problems, Freesia is not making my allergies better, but worse. Although this fluctuates depending on the day and weather, for the most part Freesia contains too many fragrance notes, including my Achilles heel of fragrances, musk, that irritate my allergies if I’m suffering from my seasonal allergies.

Despite this, I really do love the scent (And highly recommend it if you love floral fragrances!) and plan to save my bottle of Freesia until the allergy season ends and I can use it again.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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