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Bath and Body Works Strawberry Snowflake Shower Gel

This year, Bath and Body Works released multiple new scents with berry scent notes in them. I love berry scents, but my favorite scent note is strawberries. Even though I love strawberry scent notes, I don’t expect them in a Christmas themed scent. When I discovered Bath and Body Works released a Christmas scent called Strawberry Snowflakes, I wanted to try it.

This is what the bottle of the shower gel looks like…

The bottle is opaque with a light pink base color with an opalescence color shifting finish. The bottle has a diamond design on the bottom half of the bottle. The logo has a raised glitter snowflakes and names.

The photograph of the back of the bottle didn’t turn out well, so I won’t be posting a photograph of it.

The official listing of the shower gel is as follows…

What it smells like: a fluffy, fruity flurry.

Fragrance notes: juicy strawberry, whipped cream and iced bergamot.

The fragrance smells really good. It is fruity and sweet, but it is not too sweet. It is a great grown up scent and is perfect for fans of sweet scents, but want something more mature and appropriate for winter. I didn’t know how Bath and Body Works would make the scent smell good, yet seasonal and perfect for winter, but they did.

The only complaint I have about the fragrance is a personal complaint about the bergamot fragrance note. Bergamot normally smells good on me, but I always find it very overpowering. I believe it has something to do with the oils in my skin and how it reacts to the bergamot scent note. I found this the case in this fragrance. Even though I personally don’t like bergamot on me, it fits perfectly with the rest of the scent notes. Because of this, I didn’t mind the bergamot scent on my skin as much as I normally do. Still, if someone is sensitive to bergamot or don’t like the scent, then Strawberry Snowflakes could be a fragrance to avoid. If bergamot scent notes do not bother you, then I highly recommend it!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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