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Favorite Ambiance YouTube Channels for Christmas

For the past few years, I began to enjoy watching ambiance videos. Well, I actually don’t watch them. I usually keep them playing the background while I do my work. Especially when I’m under a lot of stress. Having ambiance videos playing makes me calm down and feel better.

Since it is the holiday season, I’m usually listening to Christmas themed videos. After listening to quite a few videos, I decided to write a post about my favorite ambiance YouTube channels with Christmas themed videos. I hope you enjoy the channels I list and their videos!

Soothing Jazz

Soothing Jazz is a new YouTube channel with a variety of videos with Jazz music playing in the background. The channel started in August 2022 as a channel to find soothing jazz ambiance videos. Since the channel started just in time for the fall, there aren’t many videos for other seasons. Yet, there are several Christmas videos available to watch. I really love the art in the videos!


Cozy Noel

Cozy Noel is another new (Started in October 2022) YouTube channel that focuses on Christmas themed ambiance videos only. There aren’t many videos posted on the channel, but everything is Christmas themed. If you are looking for a channel specializing in Christmas ambiance videos, try this channel!


Coffee Shop Ambience

Started in November 2020, Coffee Shop Ambience is a YouTube channel dedicated to ambiance videos inspired by coffee shops. It also uses original music composed that can be listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Some of the videos’ art pictures buildings and locations outside of coffee shops, but are beautiful and well rendered. I highly recommend this channel if you want to watch videos inspired by coffee shops and/or have original music to accompany the videos.


Calmed By Nature

The final channel on my list of favorite ambiance YouTube channels Calmed By Nature. It is also one of my favorite ambiance channels in general. Calmed By Nature offers many videos with different themes. The quality of the audio is very good, the images are beautiful, and the video themes are very unique. There are many Christmas themed videos available to watch, but, if you are tired of Christmas, there are beach, 4th of July, fall, Halloween, and camping themed ambience videos to watch as well.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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