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O.P.I. x Barbie Collection Nail Look (And Some Thoughts About the Polish)

When I purchased the bottles of OPI x Barbie nail lacquer (Or nail polish as I call it), I intended on painting my nails as soon as possible. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to pain my nails until weeks after I purchased the nail polish. (I sometimes work a lot with my hands, which isn’t good for pretty polished nails!) When I did get the chance to paint them with the OPI x Barbie polishes, I was so excited I couldn’t decide on what colors to paint them. I normally like to paint my nails the same way because I like keeping them uniform and subtle. (Even if the polish color is pretty bold) This time, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and paint one nail one color and the other nails the same color.

This is what the nail look looked like…

All my fingers where the same color, light pink, except for the thumb, which I painted a bright, bold pink…

All the fingers were top coated with the same glitter polish.

The colors I used are from the O.P.I. x Barbie collection. The light colored pink was Bon Voyage to Reality! and the glitter top coat was Every Night is Girls Night…

While my thumb was painted with Hi Barbie! and Every Night is Girls Night…

After using the polish, I really liked the way they looked. It did have a strong oder, like most polishes that are not formulated to be low or no oder, that bothered me. (Usually the oder doesn’t bother me, but I had a bad allergy day when I painted my nails. So, it bothered me more than normal.) Even though the oder bothered me, the polish applied really well and dried completely in 30 minutes. I applied two coats of each of the base color to create the opaque base color.

I was really surprised by how long wearing the polish is! It is advertised to last up to a week, and, for me, the polish did just that. After I painted my nails, I didn’t work with my hands as much as I normally do. Because of this, the polish lasted nearly seven days before it began to chip and show wear. I was very surprised by how long it lasted. I am really happy with the way it performed!

If you are interested in the collection, I highly recommend this collection. It is long lasting and I love the bright colors and glitter in this collection. It may not be available anymore (It was released in July 2023) but if you can find it, I highly recommend it!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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