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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dream Book 2023 is Out Now (And Where to Find It)

Every May, Hallmark releases its Hallmark Keepsake ornament book. The book, formally called the Hallmark Keepsake Dream Book, has all the Christmas and other holiday ornaments the store will be selling later on in the year.

This year, I have trouble getting to my closest Hallmark Gold Crown store. My old favorite closed last year and the other one is closer, yet I can’t travel to it this month. Instead, I decided to talk about where to find the dream book without walking into a store.

You can download a digital copy of it from Hallmark’s official website. The ornament official website is located here, the Dream Book can be downloaded here, and the Wish List can be downloaded here. Both the Dream Book and the Wish List are PDF files and, once downloaded, can be printed. As for finding a hard copy of the dream book and the wish list, Hallmark does not allow ordering it off their website. Instead, they can be found in their stores.

As for the Wish List, there are two ways of creating it. There is a way online and the other is by printing off the Wish List and taking it to a Hallmark Gold Crown store. If you create a Wish List online, then you automatically entered into Hallmark’s sweepstakes to win your whole Wish List for free. According to Hallmark’s website, in honor of the Dream Book’s 50th Anniversary, 50 people will win their Wish List. The sweepstakes can only be entered online. All paper Wish Lists are not eligible.

Like I already mentioned, this is the 50th Anniversary of the Dream Book. If you are a huge fan of Hallmark and love to collect all the copies of the Dream Books, then you may want to consider going to a Hallmark store and picking up the book in person.

Finally, if want previous years Dream Books, then look on the main page for this year’s Dream Book. Hallmark has links to PDF versions of previous years books. They go up to 2010 and are free to download. Hard copies of previous years Dream Book are not available.

I hope this helped all the Hallmark ornament fans who are looking for the new Dream Book! If any of the links don’t work, then please let me know. The links should work for the 2023 Dream Book only.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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