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The “Practice” Moving Declutter Begins

I really like to keep anything I write about on this blog, and on social media in general, as optimistic as possible. There are times when I can’t keep things upbeat, but I still try. Yet, right now, I’m struggling with some serious worries in my life.

Among the problems everyone is worrying about, (The economy, health, ect.) I’m also worried about housing in the area where I live. I don’t make a secret how much I hate the area where I currently live in. I mentioned this online as well as to people I know well. This is why it is no secret I want to move as soon as possible. Yet, there are still a few things that keep my attached to the area. This includes my job.

My overall idea is that I’ll move once I save enough money and can find myself a job in the area where I want to move to. So far, nothing is going as planed. Because of this, I don’t know what my next step in moving is.

It is hard right now to tell the difference between what I want to do versus what I need to do. I never thought about buying a house because I don’t know where to move to! I have certain states I would love to move to, both for work and health purposes, but nothing is for certain. This is why I feel stuck in my life without knowing what to do or where to go.

Things are going to be ok, but to be honest, I’m just in a confusing time in my life. I don’t know where to move to, even though I have a rough idea where I should go, and I don’t know what type of job I’ll search for.

Even though I don’t know where I’ll move to and when my next chapter of my life will begin (Or if it already has), I decided to take some advice from friends of mine. They suggested that I prep my things as if I were going to move. Prepping my things includes packing them, sorting them, and getting rid of things that I don’t want or need anymore. Basically, all the things that need to be done before any move.

So far, I’ve begin to pick through some of my things, including DVDs and CDs. I’m currently not going through my book collection. I have a huge book collection, including sewing, fashion, and art books I used for work or just to make something. Since I’m using many of them or I can’t replace them (The fashion, sewing, and art books) without paying over $200 USD for them, I decided to worry about them later.

Picking through my DVDs and CDs made me think about what I kind of music, movies, and TV shows I used to frequently watch and listen to. I had a large Josh Gorban collection. I didn’t know how many Taylor Swift CDs I owned. And don’t get me started on all the Anime I used to watch.

To be honest, I found many things I don’t like very much but decided to keep. The reason is, again, for work and hobby purposes. Since I sew so much and dabbled into historical costuming, I have a collection of DVDs of movies that sometimes get referenced due to historical costuming. I don’t necessarily love the stories, but it is better to keep the DVDs I already own. That way I don’t need to go out searching for them and buy them all over again if I need them.

Overall, I’m making huge progress. I am finding some bugs and creepy insects as I search through my things, but that’s ok. They are the reason why I see this clean out as a good thing. They now have less places to hide!

Letting go of my things wasn’t easy to do when I was sick. Now that I am healthy, I can honestly say that I don’t mind getting rid of some of them. There are so many things I never liked, but never trusted my decision making back then to get rid of. Today, I am confident I can live the rest of my life without these things. If I need them again, I’ll buy them. I doubt it though.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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