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Philosophy Falling in Love 3-in-One Shower Gel Review

During a major clean out of my things, I found a box full of beauty products I purchased but never used. These products were in their packaging, but were backups. Today, I used up the original products, but wish I had more. Finding the box and all it’s products was exactly what I needed!

One of the products that caught my eye was a bottle of Philosophy’s shampoo, bath, and shower gel. I used to use it to wash my hair, but ran out and couldn’t find more in my favorite fragrance in my local Ulta Beauty. (I later realized they don’t carry the scent or the product anymore) Since I couldn’t find the product anymore, I moved onto a different shampoo.

Even though I like the shampoo I’m using, I wanted to switch back to Philosophy’s 3-in-one shampoo. After some thought and decision, I finally decided to try the Falling in Love scent.

According to Philosophy’s page for the eau de toilette of Falling in Love, the fragrance is described as…

Sun-ripened blackberries, sparkling jasmine, and meltingly-smooth vanilla create a scent experience designed to bring out your romantic side.

I already knew I would love the way the product would clean my hair, so I didn’t want to talk about that in this review post. I saw no difference in the way Falling in Love cleaned my hair or body than it did in other scents. I personally love the way it cleans my hair and skin, but I didn’t see a difference, good or bad, in how Falling in Love performed. Instead, I was worried about it’s fragrance and how much I would like it.

After washing my hair, and sometimes my body, for over two weeks, I can honestly say I love the scent. It is a perfect scent for spring and summer. Jasmine isn’t my favorite floral scent, but it worked really well with the blackberry and vanilla scents. All three scent notes really smell good together and is a perfect fragrance to the warmer months of the year. I also noticed the scent does last more than a few hours on my skin. The performance of the fragrance does vary depending on the person and their body oils, but for me, a noticeable scent lasted over three hours.

Since using the product, I became used to the scent. Even though I don’t notice it like I once had, I still enjoy smelling it. Also, bees like the scent on my hair as well. This isn’t abnormal for me to attract bees whenever I use a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or fragrance with berries and vanilla. Still, it is something of note for anyone who attracts bees for the same exact reason I do!

Overall, I really love the Falling in Love scent. The Falling in Love version of 3-in-one wash comes in larger bottles than Philosophy’s regular line of fragrances do. Because of this, the price will be higher. Yet, if you enjoy berry, jasmine, and/or vanilla scented fragrances, I highly recommend trying it! It is a great scent for spring and summer times, especially if you are in a warmer climate!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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