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5 Cleaning Supplies I Used on My Vehicle’s Interior

Last month, I started my spring cleaning for the year. One of the most important places to clean is my vehicle. My vehicle is new to me and, even though the engine is in great shape, the interior is not. It has plenty of problems inside it and needed to be cleaned badly. One of the problems is there is a lot of grease around the steering wheel, door handle, cup holders, and other places. I don’t want to go into details about the vehicle’s condition out of privacy for the previous owner, but yes. It was dirty.

I knew this before it was purchased, so I was already ready to clean it. Unfortunately, my vehicle had some unforeseen problems that required it to spend a long time at the repair shop. (It had to do with its computer) Since it was not at my home, I couldn’t clean it. Since then, I decided to do more research into cleaning it. I did find some things I could work around without the need purchase new products or new tools.

So far cleaning has gone pretty slowly due to a busy schedule. Even though I’m not as far along in my vehicle cleaning, I have made progress. Since I’m in the process to clean my vehicle, I decided to talk about five cleaning supplies I used to clean my vehicle so far. Even though I can take my vehicle to a professional auto detailer, I wanted to do it myself. That way I can see the condition of everything inside the vehicle and make a list of everything I need to have fixed without taking someone’s word for it.

 Rainx Window Cleaner + Rain Repellant

Rainx is one of my favorite window cleaner and repellant products. It is easier to find in my area, so, I my eye, it has become popular by default. Cleaning the windows on my vehicle is easier to do with the Window Cleaner + Rain Repellant. The product is sprayed on and wiped off, leaving behind a rain repellant on the glass. The rain repellant makes the rain droplets bead and makes it easier to wipe off. Even though it is meant for rain, I like it because the rain repellant makes it easier to clean off the fine dust the wind kicks up. The Window Cleaner + Rain Repellant works well, but in my experience it works best if you have a certain amount of filth on the windows. If the windows need a major deep cleaning (Such as for stubborn bird poop) then clean with a window cleaner, such as Windex, and then use a rain repellant only product. The window cleaner in this product isn’t very strong, which makes it better for light cleaning.


All Purpose Cleaners

I used multiple all purpose cleaners to clean the grease off the vehicle. It is a stubborn cleaner that has taken time to clean. The ones I used, and worked, are Method’s All Purpose cleaner (It has a degreaser in it) and Lysol’s All Purpose cleaner. (It can remove soap scum) So far both work well on the grease, but I found something that works better on the grease.


Goo Gone

This is the product that worked better on the stubborn grease is Goo Gone. I had Goo Gone for a while, but I nearly forgot I owned it until I was searching through my cleaning products for something to work on the grease. It works very well on the grease. I cleaned cup holders and the middle compartments with Goo Gone and was able to do something I couldn’t do with my all purpose cleaners: Completely clean up the grease. I don’t want to use it everywhere in the interior of my vehicle, but I have some more places I still need to clean it with.


Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioners

I like to use Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for my leather products. Unlike other leather cleaners and conditioners, the cleaner and the conditioner are separate products. I really like both products, but my favorite is the conditioner. For my vehicle, I used both products on the leather parts of the vehicle. Due to the grease and other filth in the vehicle, the cleaner didn’t clean as well as it normally should. In times like this, I believe the conditioner is best for cleaning leather without a lot of built up gunk or the kind of grease my vehicle has. It cleans well, but it’s not the right product for my needs. Yet, the conditioner worked very well at hydrating the leather parts of the vehicle.


Leather CPR

Even though I really love the Lexol Conditioner, I felt like I could use something more extreme in the vehicle. After browsing Amazon, I found Leather CPR. It peaked my interest, especially since it says on the front of the bottle that it is made out of cosmetic products. I ordered a bottle and immediately put it to work as soon as I got the bottle in the mail. It has the ability to clean as well as condition the leather in one product. After using it, it does clean better than the Lexol Cleaner, but it can’t get the grease off the leather. (I’m not surprised by this) As for the conditioning, it works awesome! It did revive leather and hydrated cracked leather so it would be soft. It works awesome, but for my vehicle, it can’t fix everything. The seats I used Leather CPR are badly cracked, but I haven’t replaced them yet. I wanted them to be softer so they would be more comfortable to sit on. This did the trick, but it obviously can’t fix the cracked leather parts!


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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