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20 Days of Spring Cleaning 2023- Day 8

Day 8 of 2023’s 20 Days of Spring Cleaning has already come and gone, as well as the start of spring, but I didn’t post all the posts yet! This happened for a few reasons. One of them is because I decided to schedule nearly all the cleaning progress posts until days and sometimes weeks later than when it happened. Another reason it because I also decided to post only two cleaning posts per week. This way nobody will get tired of these posts. Even though the publishing of these posts are off, I am happy I gave myself the chance to talk about my spring cleaning progress!

On Day 8, I didn’t do a lot, but what I did made a huge impact. I had to work, so I did my cleaning and organizing after work.

The area I focused on was under the bathroom sink. I considered working on other areas around the house, but the bathroom seemed to be the place that needed the work the most.

Last year, (Or the year before. I don’t remember.) one of the cleaning products I use tipped over and leaked on the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet is ok, but it made yet-another-stain on the cabinet. This experience made me motivated to do something to prevent further damage to it. Also, I am worried about water dripping from the skin’s pipes. Nothing happened to it, but it is something I think about. Finally, I wanted to make the bottom of the cabinet easier to clean. The bottom of the cabinet is not finished in a way that will allow me to keep it clean easily.

That’s when the shelf lining comes in! I decided to use the padded shelf liner, called an Easy Liner, I purchased a few days prior. After cutting the liner to length, I ended up with a lot of liner left over. It will defiantly be enough to cover nearly the whole entire bottom of the cabinet under the kitchen sink! It works very well and is easy to clean.

Aside from that, cleaning the bottom of the bathroom cabinet was tough. Because of the finish of the cabinet, it is hard to clean it. This time, it was abnormally hard to clean.

The reason for this change is due to repairs done in the bathroom. There was a problem in the bathroom that needed to be addressed, so work was done in there. Unfortunately, these repairs caused a lot of dirt and fine particles to fly around the bathroom and around the house. I thought I cleaned the whole entire bathroom, but the repairs happened over the course of months and are still in progress. This means more fine particles that need to be cleaned up right now and in the future.

Despite what I thought, I didn’t clean under the skin as well as I believed I did. Since it’s Spring Cleaning time, and I’m deep cleaning, I decided to pay extra attention to the area and clean it really well. It wasn’t easy to clean so much fine particles and dirt, but it ended up working well in the end.

The experience cleaning under the sink made me reconsider how I would like to approach cleaning the bathroom. I will needed to clean and dust more than I thought I would, and I will need to clean more areas I thought I didn’t need to. Doing this will mean it will take more time to finish cleaning the bathroom, but I think it will help me in the future. I won’t need to clean as deeply the next time the bathroom goes through more repairs!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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