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Sesame Street x Wet n Wild Collection Happy to Be Me Lip Gloss Review

Last week, I talked about the Sesame Street x Wt n Wild collection I saw at Walmart. I really liked the lip glosses in the collection, but my favorite is It’s a 10/10. After some consideration, I decided to purchase It’s a 10/10. For the past few weeks, I used the gloss. After using it so much, I decided to share my thoughts about the gloss in a review post.

This is what the tube of lip gloss looks like…

Here is the tip of the wand with the lip gloss on the tip of it…

And this is what the lip gloss looks like when it is swiped on my wrist…

Sadly, the photograph of the gloss on my wrist is the most accurate photograph of the color of the gloss. The first two photographs show the gloss as brighter pink than it is in real life.

It’s been many years since I tried a Wet n Wild lip gloss. I used to wear them when I was a teenager, but after discovering my severe allergies to all kinds of things, makeup included, I stopped wearing the brand entirely. There wasn’t anything wrong with Wet n Wild’s makeup, but I needed to start my makeup collection over again to see which makeup contained ingredients I am allergic to. This lip gloss is the first piece of Wet n Wild makeup I owned and used since then.

Even though it has been years since I used Wet n Wild, the lip gloss didn’t irritate my lips or send me into an allergic reaction (Yay!) It did have the same type smell Wet n Wild lip glosses had when I last used them. Yet, there is a major difference in the scent of the old lip glosses and this one: The intensity of the scent. The scent is much lighter than it used to be, which makes me very happy. Sometimes I can’t use makeup with strong scents. Knowing this one doesn’t have a scent that strong makes me happy.

The color is very pretty. I love pink lip glosses, so this gloss is perfect for me. The gloss has a mix of hot pink and opalescent flakes, which turns the gloss into a beautiful shade of light pink. Sadly, the photographs I included in this post do not do the gloss’ color justice. It does look very pretty on my lips though!

The texture of the gloss is not grainy or chalky. It is smooth. It does have a stickiness to it, but it isn’t nearly as sticky as other lip glosses from brands of comparable price points. The gloss also stays on my lips quite a long time. The longest it lasted is about 45 minutes without eating or drinking. When I do eat or drink, it does come off, but not completely. After drinking a glass of water, I can see there are traces of the gloss on my glass. Yet, when I move my lips and look in the mirror, I can still see some gloss left on my lips.

Overall, I’m very happy about this gloss. It doesn’t aggravate my allergies (Once again, yay!) and it stays for a long time without needing to be applied. I am very happy with this gloss and highly recommend it as well as trying out the other glosses in the collection. For the price, it is a great addition to anyone’s lip gloss and makeup collection!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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