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Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Fragrance Review

I owned a bottle of Ariana Grande’s fragrance Sweet Like Candy for years. I meant to write a review post about it for some time, but I never had the chance to do so.

Earlier this year, I found it while declutting my perfume collection. I really like the scent, but I haven’t worn it in a few years. When I rediscovered it, I decided to write a review post about it before I finally decided on if I want to keep it or not.

Before I talk about my thoughts about the fragrance, I wanted to show what the perfume bottle and box it comes in looks like.

This is what the box of the perfume looks like…

And this is what the perfume bottle itself looks like…

The fragrance bottle is pink and round shaped with prism detail. It also has a pink puff charm that can be detached from the bottle. The sprinter is rose pink. The shape of the bottle and the puff charm is very similar to the bottle of another fragrance by Ariana Grande, Moonlight.

(In case anyone is wondering, I do keep my perfume boxes. I do this in order to protect them better when I store them.)

On Ulta Beauty’s website for the Sweet Like Candy, the description of the fragrance is…

Treat yourself to Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum by Ariana Grande. Sexy. Playful. Irresistible.

Fragrance Family -Fruity

Scent Type- Gourmand

Key Notes

  • Top: Sparkling Blackberry, Italian Bergamot, Pear
  • Middle: Jasmine Sambac, Frangipani, Dewy Honeysuckle
  • Base: Crème de Casis, Marshmallow, Cashmere Woods, Sexy Vanilla

I really like this fragrance. The bottle is really cute and the shade of pink is one of my favorite colors. It is one that is sweet smelling, but is not so overly sweet. If I was a teenager, I would’ve liked it a lot and possibly would’ve considered it a more “grown up” fragrance to wear. Since I’m an adult, I really like it because it is sweet smelling but it is not too sweet for an adult. It also has nice fruit notes in it, which I really like.

I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a sweet, feminine scent that isn’t too sweet. I also recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a gift for a teenager or young adult. The scent does last a long time, about four hours on my skin. It won’t last as long for some, but it’s a great for anyone looking for a longer lasting perfume.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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