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Star Wars x ColourPop The Child Eye Shadow Pallet Review

Way back in December, I self gifted three items from the Star Wars x ColourPop collection. At the time, the collection had many products inspired by the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. I wanted a few items from the collection, but at that time they were not in stock. While visiting my closet Ulta Beauty, I found the collection for sale. Since they were hard to find back then, I purchase three products from the collection. 

Since then, I had the chance to try the products to review. I held back posting my reviews until this week because it’s close to May 4th, better known as May the 4th Be With You and Star Wars Day. The first product I wanted to review is The Child eye shadow pallet.

Here is what the pallet looks like outside the box (Left) and the box (Right)…

And this is what the eye shadow pallet itself looks like…

Inside the pallet, there is a mirror with a picture of The Child with the words “Cutest in the Galaxy”.

And here it what the eye shadows looks like…

The eye shadows in this pallet has nine eye shadows. Four of the eye shadows are matte colors, four eye shadows are metallic, and one that has small glitter flecks in it. Two of the metallic shades, Sipping Soup and Precious Cargo, stand out from the other metallic shades. Sipping Soup is a combination of metallic black and green. Precious Cargo is a combination of white and gold metallic colors, but it color shifts and is the only shade in the pallet that does this.

When I saw the eye shadow colors in this pallet, I really liked them. I especially liked the color Precious Cargo and really looked forward to using. After using it, I liked some of the shades, but not all of them. Some of the eye shadows are really nice, highly pigmented, and easy to blend while some are are not. All but one of the matte colors are highly pigmented and easy to blend shades while most of the metallic shades are not. This surprised me because I thought all the shades would be highly pigmented and easy to blend.

I also noticed the eye shadows are harder and chalky texture. I was surprised by this because my other Colourpop shades are not like this at all. I can still work with them, but I must press harder on the eye shadow to pick up enough color to work with. This is also very different than the sister pallet in this collection, The Mandalorian eye shadow pallet. I will talk in more detail about the pallet in a different post, but to be brief, The Mandalorian pallet feels less chalky, has less fallout, and is consistently more pigmented than The Child pallet.

Overall, I’m disappointed in the pallet. I love the shades and, even though I’m unhappy with the texture and pigmentation of the shades, is still a pallet that can be useful. The eye shadows need to be applied and blended differently than other eye shadows, including from other Colourpop eye shadow pallets, but it is still a pallet with potential. Still, I am disappointed with this pallet’s quality, especially when compared to The Mandalorian pallet. I thought both pallets’ quality would be the same as each other, but they aren’t. Because of this, I’m not sure if I purchased a pallet that may have an off batch of eye shadow material.

Despite this, I would suggest this pallet to anyone looking for a cute eye shadow pallet with green tones for an affordable price. They may not be as high quality as other pallets I own, but I can see a teenager or someone getting into makeup purchasing this pallet. The eye shadows in this pallet are much higher quality than ones I found at the drugstore, which makes this pallet a potentially good pallet for someone on a tight budget, but for someone more experienced or looking for a high quality eye shadow pallet, I would say either save your money for a more expensive pallet, look at other pallets from Colourpop, or, if you want something from the collection, look for The Mandalorian pallet. It also isn’t as nice as other Colourpop pallets I own, but it still is a nicer quality than The Child pallet.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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