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Star Wars x ColourPop The Mandalorian Eye Shadow Pallet Review

Today is May 4th, which to Star Wars fans is known as “May the 4th Be With You” and is a day to celebrate Star Wars. In honor of the day, I decided to publish my second review post of the three items I purchase from the Star Wars x ColourPop makeup collaboration. Today, I will be reviewing The Mandalorian eye shadow pallet.

The box the eye shadow pallet comes in looks like this…

Here is what the eye shadow pallet itself looks like (Right) beside the box (Left)…


Inside the pallet, there is a mirror with a picture of The Mandalorian and Child with the quote “Wherever he goes, I go”…

Like The Child eye shadow pallet, there are nine eye shadow colors to choose from. There are four matte colors, one eye shadow with subtile glitter flecks in it, and four metallic eye shadows. One of the metallic eye shadows, called Clan of Two, is a two toned shade that shifts colors when moved. This eye shadow pallet is full of colors that are inspired by The Mandalorian’s color scheme. Clan of Two is the most thoughtful and ironic of the shades because it combines brown for The Mandalorian and green for The Child.

If you read my review of The Child pallet, you’ll know that the pallet has a chalky texture, had fallout, and was inconsistent in pigmentation. As for The Mandalorian pallet, I like this one much better. I like texture more, it has much less fallout (All the fallout I experienced is due to an accident that happened while picking up the eye shadows), and is far more pigmented than The Child pallet. Also, the eye shadows are easy to blend. I really like the way the glitter and metallic shadows look and they have the same texture and blend the same way as the matte colors.

Even though I like this eye shadow pallet, I don’t like the texture of the eye shadows. They are dry and feel chalky. They are not as bad or as bad as other eye shadows I tried (Such as in The Child pallet) and don’t effect how well they blend or the pigment, but I think this could be an issue when it comes to certain eye looks.

Overall, I love this pallet. It’s a better pallet than The Child pallet and I would highly recommend buying this pallet over The Child pallet due to the quality difference. Despite this, if you are looking for a non chalky eye shadow pallet, then I would recommend looking at other eye shadow pallets from Colourpop with similar colors.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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