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Star Wars x ColourPop The Child Hand Mirror Review

Today is May 5th, which to fans of Star Wars is known as “Revenge of the 5th”. It’s a day to celebrate anything related to the Dark Side, Empire, and First Order from the Star Wars movies. For me, it’s the day I decided to post the third and final review of the items I purchased from the Star Wars x ColourPop collection. Today, I wanted to review the final item I purchased: The Child hand mirror.

This is what the box the mirror came in looks like…

And here is what the hand mirror looks like when still in it’s protective packaging….

And this is what the mirror looks like outside the packaging….

I know the protective film on the mirror portion is still on it. I kept it on when I took photographs of it because it blurred what the mirror reflected. This made taking photographs of the mirror easier. (I didn’t need to photograph the mirror from a special angle or try to use any sort of special photo editing to blur the image)

I really love the mirror and is super cute. As you can seen in the photographs, the mirror is a mint green and has a caricature picture of The Child from The Mandalorian. The silver parts of the back of the mirror is metallic and shines. For me, it’s exactly what I look for in a hand mirror. It has a long handle and a good mirror area to let me look at my face close up. I also like the shape of the mirror. I’m picky about the shapes of the mirror in hand mirrors because the more unique the shape of the mirror, the harder it is to look at myself in. Also, there isn’t a lot of elaborate applied decoration on the front or back of the mirror. This makes it easy for me to look in the mirror without anything obstructing the view the mirror gives. This is also the reason why I decided to buy this hand mirror over other hand mirrors I’ve seen in the past.

The packaging is also very cute. The mirror is also packed very well in it’s box with a thick foam with a cut out where the mirror sits in, protecting it not only on the sides, but from the back as well. I love the way the mirror is packed so much that I keep it in the box whenever I am not using it. Since purchasing the mirror, I accidentally dropped the box with the mirror inside of it. The corners of the box are scuffed up a bit, but the mirror was fine.

If you are interested in buying the mirror, I highly recommend it. It is a cute mirror that would be perfect for any fan of The Mandalorian or Star Wars in general. Even though it is targeted towards fan girls (And fan boys who love makeup!), it is a nice quality mirror that comes with nice quality packaging. It works well as a basic hand mirror with the only drawback of owning and using it is that the mirror area may not be large enough for some. (According to my measurements, it is 3 1/2 inches or 9 centimeters wide) Yet, if you don’t mind the smaller mirror size, then you’ll enjoy owning and using it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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