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Michaels Craft Store Spring 2023 Faux Topiary Decor

Last week, I went to Michaels Craft store to look for some craft supplies. I ended up not finding anything I needed, but I did find some cute Spring home decor! I didn’t buy anything I saw either, but I did find cute faux topiary decor!

These topiaries are in fun shapes. It has been a while since I saw something like this in person, so I decided to take photographs of them. Sometimes do this in order to see if something will work well in my house. These topiary didn’t look right in my house, but I still enjoyed looking at them.

Spring Solstice is today, so I wanted to write a post to celebrate the new season. After thinking about what to write, I decided to write a post about four of the topiary I saw. I don’t know if anyone cares about them, but I wanted to write something I knew I’d enjoy writing. So here we are!

The first topiary I want to talk about is also, in my opinion, the cutest. It is a topiary in the shape of a rabbit holding a planter…

Out of all the topiary, this one is the one I would most likely purchase. Not only it is cute, the planter is open and can hold flowers or anything else inside it.

The second topiary isn’t an animal, but a plant. It is a mushroom…

I don’t like to decorate my home with mushrooms, but they did look cute!

In addition to the mushrooms, Michaels had a topiary in the shape of a watering can…

It would look great next to the mushrooms. Also, the body of the topiary is open and can hold things inside it. The mushrooms cannot hold anything inside them. They are for display only.

And finally, here is the most unique topiary shape of all: A handbag…

Seeing the handbag topiary brought back memories from shopping in the 2000’s. Back then, there seemed to be a lot of handbag… as well as handbag shaped items. There were necklaces, vases, and piggy bags just to name a few. Seeing the topiary brought back shopping in the Y2K era back in droves. It also made me laugh a lot.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and happy Spring!

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