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Thankfulness Over A New Washing Machine and How it Saved My Quilt

Since my vehicle broke down and the vehicle I’m borrowing broke down, I began to realize there are many things I need to do around my house but never did. I wanted to finish them, but I was either too busy or too sick to finish them. Now that I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, I decided to work on as many of them as I could.

These things range from cleaning rooms out, sewing clothes I wanted to make but never did, or repairing things around my house. Even though I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to do, I know working on small tasks will help me feel better about the rest of the things around the house.

One of the small tasks is washing. Usually the washing is focused on curtains, which I haven’t cleaned in years, but I recently found something I need to wash that wasn’t curtains. I found a quilt I made for my relative that needs to be washed.

The quilt in question is not a perfect quilt. The blocks on it do not line up correctly. Still, I’m happy with the way it turned out. My relative needed a new quilt for their bed, so I made it for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t have a long life on my relative’s bed.

The quilt is heavy. My relative is bothered by heavy quilts, comforters, and blankets, so this quilt wasn’t suitable for them. Still, my relative used it because it was all they had. I planed to make another quilt, only lighter in weight, before I was sidetracked by life. My relative continued to use it until my dog had an accident on it.

This accident happened in the last years of her life. I couldn’t pick on her (She was having problems going to the bathroom) but I knew I needed to wash it. After washing it once, the smell from the accident didn’t go away. I washed it several times but the smell didn’t go away. At that time, I used a washing machine that was on it’s last legs. I knew it was having problems washing other things, but when I tried to wash the quilt, I knew the machine wouldn’t get the smell out. Even though my town is small, there is a laundromat. I considered taking it there, but at that time it was under different ownership. Back then, it was run down and the washing machines looked broken. (I found out later they were broken) So, I put the quilt in a plastic bag until I could figure out what to do.

Today, while cleaning out things, I rediscovered the quilt. Doing a close examination, I found leftover detergent the old washing machine didn’t wash out. Of course it stunk, but I knew it would. Since it still needed a good and proper cleaning, I decided to give it a try. This time, I would use a brand new washing machine!

Since the last time I tried to wash the quilt, the old washing machine finally broke down. It leaked fluids from the mechanical parts of the machine, which was the sign it was finally time to get rid of it. This new machine is a dream! Even though I started using it a few months ago, I still enjoy using it. It is still the nicest washing machine I ever used! Since this machine is so much nicer, bigger, and cleans clothes way better than the old machine, I decided to try to see if I could wash the quilt again and maybe this time get the smell out!

After two washes with an extra rinse with each wash, there are no detergent leftover on the quilt. And best of all, no more smell! I’m so happy with the way the quilt turned out! Unfortunately, my relative still does not like the quilt and now refuses to use it. So, it’s now mine.

I’m happy to own the quilt. Even though it’s not perfect, I still love it. Now that is clean, I can finally use it. Ironically, the laundromat is now under new ownership and is getting fixed. Of course, it’s too late for me. Still, I think it’s ironically funny the laundromat is getting fixed after I cleaned the quilt. Makes me more thankful and happy to have a new washing machine!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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