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Thoughts on Louis Vuitton Inspired Trunks in Victoria’s Secret Pink Stores

Whenever I go shopping and can’t find something I want or need, I sometimes let my mind wander and begin to look at other things. Usually I like to look at things for sale at the store, but I sometimes look at the store’s décor as well as the shelving units and displays, also called fixtures. After looking at the store’s fixtures, I realized certain stores’ fixtures are more interesting to look at and stylish than others. One of the stores I shop at with stylish and interesting fixtures is Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is known for it’s store décor and fixtures. In fact, some of the décor and fixtures from stores that closed are for sale on Ebay and other second-hand stores! They are pretty expensive to purchase, and are way out of my price range, but they are interesting to look at.

At my closet Victoria’s Secret, I wanted to look at the store’s fixtures and décor to see how different it is from the ones I saw online for sale and in photographs in store. While looking around, I found two fixtures in the Pink section of the store that are inspired by Louis Vuitton’s famous steamer trunks.


When I had the chance to take photographs of the trunks, I took photographs of one of the two trunks I found…

There were other trunks that looked similar to it, but I couldn’t talk photographs of them. (There were people in that section of the store. So, I didn’t want to bother them.)

In other stores I visited, I saw other Louis Vuitton inspired trunks in the Pink side of the Victoria’s Secret stores. Some of the trunks looked very similar to than the ones I photographed. Others are in different colors, designs, and themes. Some even have stickers on them the same way steamer trunks would have on them after they traveled around the world.

Despite the differences between the way the trunks look, they all serve the same function: Storage and display. As shown in the photographs, the tops of the trunks serve as a place to display merchandise. The top of the trunks open and merchandise can be stored inside them as well.

Even though I like looking at the trunks every time I go into the store, or look for them whenever I go to a Victoria’s Secret store I never shopped at before, I like the ones I took photographs of the most. They remind me of the 2000’s and the love of luxury fashion, such as Louis Vuitton. The early to mid-2000’s was a boom time and anything inspired by a luxury brand was in fashion. The store they are used in opened in the 2000’s, so it fits with the time period when they were popular.

Not everyone loves this look for a variety of reasons, most commonly due to the fact it’s from an era that was about indulgence and materialism, but I like these particular trunks because they are more understated than others I’ve seen in other stores. They don’t have the travel stickers nor do they have anything that shouts to me when they were created and put into use in the store. (Aside from the pink stripes and stickers of Pink’s dog mascot on the sides of the trunks) They are like the Louis Vuitton steamer trunks they are inspired by: Classic, timeless, and stylish. Though they are not exactly the same as the Louis Vuitton trunks, they carry so many similarities that it makes me love them. I also love the way Louis Vuitton steamer trunks look, so it’s no surprise I like these trunks so much.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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