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New Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash Labels

Recently, while browsing Bath and Body Works in store, I discovered Bath and Body Works began to introduce new labels for their Aromatherapy line. Since I had an old bottle of Stress Relief with the old label, I wanted to compare the two labels and talk about the differences between the two labels. Even though I am talking about the Stress Relief body wash only, most of the differences between the two labels are similar to the other body wash bottles in the Aromatherapy line.

First, here are the two bottles. The new label is on the left and the old label is on the right…

(Sorry about the blurry photograph. I threw away the old bottle so I cannot retake the photograph of the two bottles again!)

Front of the original Stress Relief label…

Front of the new stress relief bottle label..

The back of the bottle with the old label…

The back of the bottle with new label…

The new labels contain the same information as the old labels (What fragrance notes the body wash has, ingredients, ect.) but the new label obviously looks different. It has a white background with dark green and metallic gold lettering and accents. The new label has a more modern look to it and I think it looks very elegant compared to the old label. Still, I will miss the old label’s look.

Since the old label has a very prominent green background on the bottle, I could recognize the bottle contained the Stress Relief scent when I stood far away from the Aromatherapy section of Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works changed all the labels in the Aromatherapy line to have a white background with the coordinating colors for each scent. This makes it hard to recognize each bottle’s scent from a distance and, depending on the label accent colors, it would require a closer look at the bottles in order to tell the difference between the scents.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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