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5 Hair Care Products I Want To Try

While on recent shopping trips at Ulta Beauty and Sephora, I looked at the hair care section of the stores. Even though I don’t need to add anything new to my hair care routine or my hair care products, I did see a few things that caught my eye. Even though I didn’t need those things, I wanted to make a list of my top five favorite hair items I want to buy sometime in the future.

Dyson Air Wrap (Or Hair Dryer… Or Hair Straightener)

I hear about how wonderful the Dyson Air Wrap, Hair Dryer, and Hair Straightener are and I would love to try them for myself sometime in the future. Unfortunately, every item in the Dyson hair care line are very expensive, which means it will take me a while to save up to buy one of them and any attachments. Since they are so expensive, the Dyson Air Wrap, Hair Dryer, and Hair Straightener are the most likely items on this list to be bought last… if not at all.


Hot Brushes

Hot brushes are not something I though about buying and using, but recently I became curious about them. I already have a few brands of hot brushes I would like to purchase, but I’m holding off buying them until my hair grows longer.


Wet Brush

Another item I want to buy when my hair grows longer is a wet brush. I used to have a wet brush many years ago, but it broke and I never replaced it. Since them, I had to cut my hair short due to end damage from a long term illness. I’m growing my hair out long again, but right now it’s not long enough to make myself buy a wet brush again. I plan to buy a new wet brush after my hair grows to a certain length… or if I find one in a design I like.


A Wrap Towel

I wanted to try a towel wrap when I was a teenager, but I never bought one to try. Since I’m growing my hair to be a long length, I think it’s time to buy myself a wrap towel.


A Bun Form

I seriously considered buying a bun form when I was a teenager, but when I became sick I stopped caring about going out and focused on hair do’s that do not require much effort. Now that I’m healthy again, and my hair is growing longer but is still thin from the illness, I think using a bun form may be a very useful tool to make my hair appear to be fuller and thicker than it really is.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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