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Art, Fashion, and Sewing Books I Want to Own- March 2021

I recently began to clean out my books, dust them, and take innovatory of what books I own and which ones I don’t. After doing this, I realized there are a few sewing, art, and fashion books I would like to add to my library, including some newer releases and updated versions of books I already own. Although I probably won’t be able to buy all the books on my wish list, (Mostly because of the prices) I still wanted to write a post about a few of the books I would like to own.

Vogue: Fantasy & Fashion

I saw Vogue: Fantasy & Fashion for preorder in early 2020, but, due to the pandemic, the release date was pushed back to October 2020. Since the release date changed, I forgot to pre order this book and to buy it for myself. It caught my eye because it is Vogue’s take on fairy tales and fantasy stories and high and haute couture fashion. The premise of the book is similar to Fairy Tale Fashion, a coffee table book that is a tie in with an exhibit at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, but Vogue’s could be different. Fairy Tale Fashion has many essays about fairy tales and fashion, but has less photographs than someone may expect to be in the book. Vogue’s could have more photographs and focuses on the visual side of fantasy and fashion, so I would like to buy it and add it to my collection. (And will probably put it on a bookshelf beside my copy of Fairy Tale Fashion)


Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Updated Edition

I already own Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, but it’s the first printing of it. Since then, Vogue released a new and updated version of the book. The book, which is about the Met Galas that are covered by Vogue Magazine. The original printing of the book covers Met Galas until 2013 while the updated version covers the Galas until 2019. I already own the original version of the book, but I really want the updated edition as well.


Tudor Fashion by Eleri Lynn

I wanted to make a Tudor costume for Halloween, Renaissance festivals, and any other event I could wear it to. I almost made one, but it ended up not working out the way I planned. Because of this failure, I began to deep dive into figuring out more about Tudor fashion and how to construct it properly. While doing a search for Tudor costuming books, I found Tudor Fashion by Eleri Lynn. I’m very curious about it because I don’t own books that go into the clothing symbolism, construction, and why they are made that way. My books usually contain patterns and other important sewing information, but not always helpful when it comes to designing an outfit.


Tudor Textiles by Eleri Lynn

Tudor Textiles is written by the same author as Tudor Fashion and is about the fabric, or textiles, Tudor clothes were made out of. Since I want to know more information about Tudor clothing in order to design myself a Tudor costume, I would really like to add this book to my sewing book library.


The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian

I used to collect art books from movies and TV shows, but I became busy and lost track of all the art books, when the release dates, and what books I have in my collection and which ones I don’t. I’m trying to get back into collecting them and one of the first ones I have my eye on is The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. I own all the Star Wars art books from the movies and spin off movies since Disney acquired Lucas Films except The Mandalorian. It’s still in publication so I plan on buying it before it goes out of print… whenever that will be.


The Art and Making of Aladdin

Another art book from Disney I want to add to my collection is The Art and Making of Aladdin. The book is about how the 2019 live action Aladdin movie was made. Included in the book is concept art, which makes this book one I want to add to my library.


The Art of Mulan: A Disney Editions Classic

The final art book (And final book in general) I want to add to my library is The Art of Mulan: A Disney Editions Classic. This is a reprint of the original art book of the 1996 animated movie Mulan. I wanted to own this book since I was little and the movie was in theaters, but because of the price my parents couldn’t buy it. After I grew up and had money to spend on art books, the book was so highly priced I couldn’t afford it. The reprinted version of the book is far more affordable, so I’m looking forward to buying it and finally add it to my library.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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