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Bath and Body Works Vanilla Mocha Cream Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Even though I look forward to buying new Bath and Body Works products in the Christmas scents, I don’t always find new scents I really love and enjoy using past Christmas. This year, they released two scents that caught my eye. One of those scents is Vanilla Mocha Cream.

After failed attempts to buy fragrances I’m not familiar with in body washes and in other products, I decided to buy it as a fragrance mist.

The bottle of the fragrance looks like this…

The Bath and Body Works website describes the Vanilla Mocha Cream fine fragrance mist as

A sweet, creamy mug of cozy cappuccino, vanilla orchid and white tonka bean.

The fragrance includes all the scent notes I’ve been looking for. There is no musk in it, which will aggravate my allergies, but there is vanilla, cappuccino, and tonka beans. These fragrance notes smell great on my skin and are scents I can wear on a regular basis.

The fragrance mist itself smells creamy with notes of coffee, like whipped cream in coffee. (Or cappuccino) The tonka beans is a beautiful base note and the vanilla orchid adds a lovely floral note that complements the rest of the fragrances extremely well.

Even though I purchased the scent as a fragrance mist to help it be more wearable and useable for me, I am very happy I did it. I like the scent enough that I would like to buy it in other products, such as body wash, but I’m worried about my allergies. The scent does not aggravate my allergies, but my allergies are aggravated so frequently, I would rather use my normal body washes, soaps, and lotions just in case.

I highly recommend this scent to anyone who is looking for a feminine fragrance for the winter months that would transition well into the spring.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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