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Movie Review- The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (2008)

Earlier this year, I began to search through YouTube to see what new videos I could watch while I worked. After a while, I stumbled across the YouTube Movies channel. Although YouTube Movies have movies available for sale or rental, the channel also have movies to watch for free. There are movies of various kinds to watching, including family friendly movies and holiday movies from the Hallmark Channel. One of the holiday movies that I wanted to watch is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The movie is a 2008 made for TV movie that aired on the Hallmark Channel. The movie stars Henry Winkler as Ralph, a newly retired police officer that travels to Illinois to spend Christmas with his niece, Jennifer (Brooke Burns), a successful business woman and single mother, her son Brian (Connor Levins), and her boyfriend, successful businessman Richard. (Woody Jeffreys) While at the airport, Ralph has trouble finding which line to check in for his flight. He is helped by Morgan (Warren Christie) but when they land in Illinois, Morgan’s second flight to Denver is canceled. In order to prevent Morgan from staying in the airport overnight, Ralph invites Morgan to stay at Jen’s home. As Morgan stays longer at Jen’s house, the two begin to develop feelings for each other.

I really love this movie. Unlike many modern day Hallmark Channel holiday movies, the pacing of the movie, the acting, and other parts of the movie are different. The story is more complicated and the characters discuss certain topics in more detail than what would normally be done in modern Hallmark Channel holiday movies. Despite this, it is still light hearted and is a family friendly movie. The story is enjoyable and fun to watch.

Although this movie is older and is not told in the same style as modern day Hallmark Channel movies, I highly recommend this movie. The story is very cute and the movie is very enjoyable.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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