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Favorite 2017/2018 Fall/Winter Trends- Did I Actually Buy Them?

Spring is almost here so I wanted to go back and revisit my post about my favorite fall/winter trends to see if I actually bought anything I had on my list. This doesn’t mean that I will not eventually buy anything I talked about in my post in the future, but this is what I decided to buy since I wrote the post. You can read my fall/winter favorite trends post here.

Velvet and Burgundy

One of the first favorite trends that I bought is velvet and the burgundy color. I mentioned in my post that I wanted velvet or velour shoes, but while at Dillard’s I found these velvet ankle pumps in a burgundy color.

The shoes are Gianni Bini Sylviaa Velvet Ankle Strap Pumps and cost $89.99 USD. I love these shoes and I hope I will have more opportunities to wear them.

Collar Neckline

When I wrote my post about wanting to find a dress with a collar neckline, I actually had a dress in mind that I wanted to buy. After I bought it, I began to have my doubts about the collar neckline trend. The dress I bought, a Calvin Kline dress, is very pretty and is exactly what I wanted, but there was something about the collar neckline I didn’t realize would cause me trouble: the collar is too tight around my neck.

I thought I would be fine, (After all, I don’t mind wearing turtle neck sweaters) but the collar of the dress and in other shirts and dresses I tried on was too tight around my neck and bothered me. So, I was unable to enjoy the collar trend at all.


A plaid shirt was on my to buy list and I bought one!

I bought this shirt at Charlotte Russe during their Black Friday sale. Since then I was able to wear it out a few times, but I didn’t wear it out as much as I wanted to. I hope that next fall/winter I can wear it a few more times.

Off the Shoulder

Like the collar neckline, I liked the off the shoulder trend but I couldn’t find a dress or shirt I liked enough to wear during the winter. Although I couldn’t find a shirt or dress to wear during the winter, I did find shirts and dresses I wanted to wear in the spring and summer. It feels weird that everything I found for winter clothing is better suited for my spring/summer wardrobe, but that’s what happened. I have outfit plans for the off the shoulder clothes I bought, but I need to find the rest of the clothes I need to make my outfit idea complete.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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