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Christian Dior Toile de Jouy Lion Desert Plate (Red Colorway)

Last year, I talked about ordering something from the official website of couture brand Christian Dior, better known as Dior. Even though I really liked what I purchased, I decided to delay talking about it online (Aside from this post when I talked about my shopping experience with Dior) partly because I didn’t think it was a great time to talk about anything luxury and partly because I didn’t care about posting photographs of it. This month, I felt ready to talk about what I purchased from Dior.

I’m not sure if I talked about this in a post, (I probably did. I just didn’t read through my posts to double check my memory…) but I wanted to buy myself something from Dior in order to commemorate the end of my doctor’s visits to a specialist I saw for a serious illness I suffered from since I was a teenager as well as my successful journey back to good heath. After browsing Dior’s website and seeing many things I wanted, I also knew I didn’t have the money to buy myself anything that I originally wanted to. Some of the items I wanted included a hand back (back then costing over $4,000 USD), a card holder ($300- $500-ish), and a scarf ($300-$500). Since I wanted something more affordable that is not make up, I decided to search the website for something I really want and can afford.

My searching paid off because, much to my surprise I found Dior has fine dinning china with the Toile de Jouy design on them. I love the Toile de Jouy design, but I always wished I could own something with the design that I could display and not use in everyday life. The plates fit my requirements perfectly so I picked one with a design that worked perfectly as a gift to myself for healing, continuing to live a healthy lifestyle, and my efforts paying off.

The plate I ordered from Dior had a bag, gift box, and ribbon, all in the same Toile de Jouy design. Luxury brands normally wrap their products in gift boxes and beautiful packaging. Dior is known for putting the gift box, ribbon, and bag in their online orders, so I was happy to find all the packaging I would be given in store in the box of my online order.

The gift bag had the design in a blue color way…

If I purchased the plate in a Dior boutique, the sales associate would put the box the plate is packed in into this bag. It made me very happy to see I also received the bag in my order without asking for one.

The gift box is in the same red colorway as the plate…

Included with the ribbon is the Dior star ornament…

And here is what the plate looks like…

I really love my plate. It is, of course, an expensive plate, but the price was low enough for me to afford. The graphics on the plate are very sharp, vivid, and looks just as beautiful and detailed I imagined it would be. The plate is also made out of a high quality porcelain that is light weight and thin. Because of this, whenever I store my plate, I keep it in the gift box and make sure to pad the plate with extra padding recycled from online orders from Sephora. I then keep the gift box in the original shipping box (Which I did not photograph) because it has padding inside it to protect the plate while shipping. I currently keep the plate in storage like this until I want to put it on display.

Although buying luxury items is not something everyone whats to do, if you like a luxury brand’s design but do not want to purchase a clothing item or accessory, try to see if the brand sells plates in the same design style you’re interested in. That way the price point would be more affordable, it doesn’t need much maintenance except for storage, and it takes up less space. Plus, it is a great item for display (Or use if you want to) during a dinner party or special event.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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