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Thoughts On The New Miss Dior 2021 Scent (And In Store Photos of The Fragrance)

Back in September, the Ulta Beauty I usually frequent released the new Miss Dior eau de parfume. The scent is a new version of Miss Dior for 2021 and I wanted to smell it. When I saw the perfume for sale, and a test bottle available to use, I took the opportunity to smell the scent and see if I like it enough to purchase whenever I have the money to do so.

Before I talk about the scent of the fragrance, I wanted to show what the bottle looks like in person. The store had the fragrance located on one of the end caps of the women’s fragrance section. There was a bottle in the Dior section of the women’s fragrance section, but the end cap was the more photogenic than the Dior section. Due to this, I took photographs of the end cap.




The tester fragrance bottle had a black ribbon instead of the ribbon the bottle is pictured to have.I was worried this would mean the bottle was the old version, but after I sprayed a test sample of it, I realized was still the new version of the fragrance.

The new fragrance smelled really nice and I liked it very much. It reminded me of the 2006 version of Miss Dior, which is still my favorite version of Miss Dior. It is very light and has lovely feminine floral notes without being overpowering or so light it may wear off easily. It does not have the musk or wood notes previous years version of Miss Dior had, which I never liked to wear.

As of this post, I’m seriously considering buying myself a bottle of this version of Miss Dior. I’m also seriously looking at the eau de toilette, which is also missing musk and wood notes. I wanted to smell the eau de toilette the day I shopped at Ulta Beauty, but they didn’t have a tester bottle available that day. Once I have the opportunity to smell both fragrances, I’ll make my decision of which fragrance I would like to buy first.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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