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My Experience Ordering from Dior’s Website for the First Time

After a lot of thought, and searching Christian Dior’s website, I found the present I wanted to give myself as an indulgence for my recent positive health prognosis. Even though it will take a while before I’m completely recovered, I still wanted to treat myself. The problem was it’s Dior and it’s expensive. Although I couldn’t order a handbag or wallet like I originally planed, I did find something I’m very confident I will enjoy owning. It was my first time ordering from Dior’s website, so I wanted to talk about what it’s like ordering from Dior, how the shopping experience went, and what I think of ordering from Dior in general.I don’t have screen shots of my order process because of privacy reasons. I hope nobody minds the lack of screen shots too much. Also, my experience is based off shopping in the United States only.

Ordering from Dior is very similar to shopping on any other online store. Once I picked the item I wanted, I clicked the “Add to Cart” button where it is put in the Dior store shopping cart. After shopping, I checked out of the Dior website by providing the address I want the package to be sent to, the bill address, and form of payment. While doing this, I noticed a two differences between Dior’s check out process and other online stores.

The first difference is the shipping address. The shipping address must be sent to a street address, not a post office box. If you have a post office box, the website will not accept it, even if it is a second address. So, if you order from Dior’s website, make sure you use a street address only and are home to accept it. I’ll explain why later.

The second difference is the kind of payment you are allowed to make. Credit cards are accepted, but are limited compared to other stores such as Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, or any other well known department store in the United States. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the credit cards Dior’s website accepts, but if you are worried your card will not be accepted by the website, please make sure to check Dior’s website for all the credit cards their store accepts.

Once I checked out, I revived an email confirming my order. After receiving the email, I waited for the shipping conformation email, which came two days latter. After receiving the shipping conformation, I waited for the package to arrive.

The package was shipped using UPS, which means I needed to be home to receive the package. Although I was home the day the package was supposed to be delivered, I didn’t hear the UPS diver at the door. So, I missed the first attempt to deliver the package. Normally, UPS leaves packages on my front door and I pick it up as they leave for their next delivery, but the Dior package required a signature when the package is delivered. Since I was not present to sign for it, the package could not be left at my door and needed to be redelivered the next day. If you order from Dior, make sure you or someone you trust can accept the package and sign for you. If I knew I will need to sign for the package, I would be far more vigilant for the UPS delivery truck so I could receive the package and sing for it.

Even though I missed the delivery, UPS made sure to redeliver the next day. The day before, UPS left a note on my door saying that someone needed to sign for the package. Because of this, when I saw the UPS delivery truck, I ran outside to sign for the package.

And, after waiting another day for the package to be delivered, here is the package!

Please excuse the strategically placed paper on the labels to prevent my address from showing. XD

I will talk about what I ordered and everything else related to my first ever order from Dior’s website in a different post!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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