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5 Homecoming Dress Trends for 2021

This week is my local high school’s homecoming and I feel very inspired to talk about homecoming dresses. This year, homecoming dances have returned and so have the dresses to buy and wear to them. For the past few months, I didn’t get out of the house much but I have been looking at my favorite department stores websites to see what kind of dresses they are selling this year for homecoming.

Dresses That Are Inspired by the Trends of the Y2K Era

The largest trend for homecoming dresses this year are styles inspired by the trends of the late 1990’s and 2000’s, better known as Y2K. Although the dresses that are available today are not actually accurate to the prom and homecoming dresses available back then, the styles of this year’s homecoming dresses are accurate to other dresses, usually dresses worn to clubs, seen back then. There are also dresses inspired by celebrities’ throwback inspired fashion used and worn since the pandemic started.


Party Dress Styles

Following the Y2K throwback trend, dresses that can double as a party dress is very popular. These dresses could work well for a formal date, going places with a formal dress requirement, and other places and events including prom. The versatility of these dresses is a great choice for anyone who wanted to buy a dress and get multiple wears out of it.


Short Skirts

Short skirts for homecoming and prom dresses are not new, but this year’s homecoming dresses are mostly short skirts than long skirts. Some of the dresses skirts are much shorter and more revealing (Such as a slit that goes up the leg) than others, so look at any dress code requirements for homecoming before buying a shorter skirted dress.


Glitter, Sequins, Beading, and Sparkle

Glitter, sequins, beading, and rhinestones on dresses are always available on prom dresses, but this year it’s especially popular. This could be a tie in with the Y2K trend as well as a 1920’s inspired trend, but I believe this is also due to the pandemic. After missing last year’s homecoming, I believe many teenagers want to sparkle and shine at the homecoming dance.

This year, dresses that follow this trend vary depending on the actual dress. Some dresses have an art deco inspired pattern in sequins and beading while others are made out of actual sequin fabric. Other fabric follows prom dress trends from a few years ago and are made out of fabric with metallic threads woven into the fabric. There are also rhinestones and glitter to accentuate certain dress styles. With so many styles and variations of the trend available, it would make fans of this trend excited to go dress shopping!


Fabric Ruching

The final trend for homecoming 2021 dresses is fabric ruching. Fabric ruching, which is the gathering of the fabric to make a style of pleats, is very popular for dresses. Usually the ruching in the dresses I saw are located around the torso, especially the stomach, and can be found on various dress styles and designs. This design element is very flattering on many people and hides any imperfections in the stomach area.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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