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My Favorite Songs from Soundtracks- Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Future Soundscapes I

While working on posts for this blog, I rediscovered my love for certain songs from movie, TV show, and other soundtracks. Listening to them brings me joy, so in the spirit of sharing my love of music, I decided to write a series of posts sharing my favorite songs from certain soundtracks and why I love them so much. I hope to write posts about whole entire soundtracks, but I’m unable to do that right now. So, for now, I’ll share my favorite songs from certain soundtracks.

The first soundtrack I wanted to share the songs from is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. It is an anime about a princess named Tsubasa who looses her memories. She and her best friend from childhood, Syaoran, must travel through space and time to find these memories, which are manifested in a feather with special powers. Along the way, they meet and join forces with Fai D. Flourite and Kurogane, who help them find feathers. In addition to them, they also encounter other characters from previous and then current stories by the manga artist group Clamp, who created Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Although the story is very complicated (Think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossovers and intertwined story lines except for anime and manga), there is one thing that non anime fans and anyone uninterested in watching the story will enjoy: The soundtrack.

There are multiple soundtracks uses in the anime series, but the one I wanted to talk about in this post is called Future Soundscapes I. Future Soundscapes I is written by Yuki Kajiura, who wrote both the music and lyrics to the songs on the album, except for the songs Blaze and Loop. The album contains the music used in the first season of the anime. Included on the album are the songs Blaze and Loop, which were the opening song and ending song respectively. You can read more about the soundtracks for Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles on Wikipedia here and the soundtrack for season 1 here.

I used to love Future Soundscapes I whenever I needed to do work and wanted something soothing to listen to in the background. Even though I love all the songs on the album, there are some I love more than others and still love to listen to today.

The first song I love to turn to listen to is I Talk to the Rain…

Even though this song comes later in the soundtrack, it is my favorite one my favorites to listen to first out of track list order. It starts very smooth, but then picks up almost halfway through the song with the addition of a drum set, giving it a more rock sound. Still, everything complements the classical sounding beginning. It also has a similar sound to Lindsey Sterling because of the violin solos in the song.


Another song I love from the soundtrack is Blaze…

Blaze is the opening song for the first season of the anime. It was not written by Yuki Kajiura, but the sound and arrangement is very complementary to Kajiura’s music. The song was written by Nieve & Hal and sung by Japanese singer and actor KINYA. It is sung in Japanese and has a rock and Jpop style to it. Even though this style of music isn’t for everyone (I know many people who love Future Soundscape I but didn’t like the song due to personal tastes) I wanted to mention it because it is one of my favorite anime opening songs.


The next song is A Song of Storm and Fire…

A Song of Storm and Fire is a more upbeat, dramatic song from the album. It features singing (Including a female chorus), a synthesized base, and more classical music and arrangements. Yet, everything fits together so beautifully. The sound engineering on it is also well done and the sounds are well balanced with each other.


The last song I love from the soundtrack is Believe…

Believe is a beautiful song that is a combination of sympathized beats and classical music. It predominantly features violins and strings and uses no singing in it. It is also the shortest song on my favorites list, but it is such a beautiful song I needed to add it.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the music!

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