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Saying Goodbye to My Favorite Hallmark Gold Crown Store

I don’t know how many people care about seeing stores closing due to the pandemic and poor sales, but I feel sad when certain stores close. A few months ago, I went to a mall I used to go to as a kid. I didn’t plan on spontaneous shopping that day, but I needed to go there to look at some things and shop for some items I couldn’t find near where I live. While walking around the mall, I discovered something very upsetting: The Hallmark Gold Crown store that I went to as a child, teenager, college, and now as an adult was closing.

Here is what the store looked like on the day I saw it closing…

The closing of this store was hard for me. It was my favorite Hallmark store to go to and I have fond memories of shopping for ornaments here. Even though this is just a store, it had been in the same location for well over 20 years and I shopped here from everything from birthday cards for my friends to graduation presents to ornaments. Seeing it was closing for good was a shock. I was looking forward to shopping for ornaments at this store in July. Since it will not be open in July, my tradition of shopping for Hallmark ornaments here has come to an end.

Even though I’m still sad about seeing it close, there are still plenty of Hallmark Gold Crown stores I can shop at. In fact, there is one located much closer to where I live than this one. Still, I will miss shopping here.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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