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My 5 Rules for a First Date

I don’t like to talk openly about my relationships online, but it’s because I like to be privet about my personal life. There are many things I don’t mind opening up online, but there are things I don’t want to talk about. One of the biggest areas I don’t want to talk about online is my relationships.

Despite this, I recently thought about dating, relationships, and what to do on a first date. I used to have rules I used to follow as a teenager, but as an adult woman, I knew I would need to adjust these rules for an adult. I have many rules about dating, including safety concerns for a blind date with a complete stranger, but I wanted to share my 5 main rules for a first date. Most of these rules are meant for men I go out with and how I hope the date will go, but I hope someone will maybe have an idea for a future date of their own.

The Man Pays for The Date (Unless There is a Different Payment Arrangement Made Before Going Out)

Many may see this rule as old fashioned, but for me on the first date, I want the man to pay for the date. This is a way for the man to show respect and show off by treating me to a nice dinner or date out. Even though I want the man to pay for the first date, there are times when it’s not a great idea for the man to pay the whole bill. For an example, if the man I’m going out on a first date with is a friend of mine and I know their budget is limited, I would ask to go somewhere more affordable until we are confident in our relationship. Then we can go somewhere more expensive, but then I can help pay for the meal or wherever we go on the date instead of the man picking up the bill only. (I would also mention I also like to pay for my meal or my end of the date after the third or fourth date.)


Ask The Person If They Have Food Allergies Before Going Somewhere to Eat

I have food allergies, so this is a very important question to ask. Make sure to ask well before the date so a back up restaurant can be picked if the first choice is does not offer food made with the ingredients that causes the allergies. I have eaten food on a date that I thought was fine to eat, but ended up not causing my to have an allergic reaction. Fortunately, my date took care of me (He even took me to the hospital to make sure I was ok) but if it is the first date, always check to make sure the restaurant offers food without the ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction. Look at the restaurant’s website to make sure there are menu options that are available the night you’re supposed to go.


First Date Means Awkward Conversation. Go Someplace Fun.

If you are going on a first date, go someplace fun. When I mean fun, I mean to the movies. Or mini golfing. Or a festival or fair. Or a street market. Basically, anywhere that the two of you can have fun and get to know each other. A dinner date at a restaurant can also be fun, but if the restaurant is too formal and the atmosphere is too serious, it will lead to awkward conversation. Even though it is important to get to know your date on the first date, going somewhere fun can spur conversation about things you may have not thought of. For an example, you’ll learn how competitive the person can be if the date takes place at a mini golf course. You’ll know what their taste in movies is like when you take them to a movie theater. The only thing is if you are able to plan where the date will be, ask if the date location will be fine before going there. Sometimes people will misunderstand why the date will take place somewhere less formal, so make sure you make sure the person you’re on a date with knows why you’re doing this.


The Stereotypical First Date is the Best Date Option for a Date With Someone You Don’t Know

Some people scoff at the idea of a stereotypical first date location, such as a restaurant or movie theater, but if you don’t know the person before the date, the safest place to go is there. After all, there is a reason why they are so popular. Also, if the person is a complete and total stranger, taking them somewhere where there are people and in an area they, and you, are familiar with may make them feel more comfortable.


Dress Nice and Attractive, but Not to The Point of Discomfort and Showing Off More of Your Body Than You Normally Feel Comfortable To

Going out on a date means you need to make a good first impression, but also feel comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a tight fitting dress that shows cleavage on a regular basis, don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how much you like the person. Just don’t do it. On the first date, you’re introducing yourself to them and wearing a dress or clothes that show off more of your body than you normally do will say you like to wear these kinds of clothes. If you don’t like wearing these kinds of clothes on a regular basis, then don’t wear them on the first date. That doesn’t mean show up in sweat pants and a huge baggy t-shirt or more modestly dressed than you normally do, but look put together.Look like a formal version of yourself. If you’re going to a restaurant with a dress code, dress appropriately for it. That way your date will see you for you and if that’s not enough to make him want to go on another date, then he’s not the person for you.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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