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Victoria’s Secret Pink Spirit Scented Mist Review

During Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sales, there are many seasonal products that are for sale. Usually, these products were released within the six or so months since the last semi-annual sale and need to be sold off in order to make room for new seasonal products. During the Winter 2021 sale, I found a few Pink body mists for sale that I either never tried before or liked very much, but don’t have in my fragrance collection. One of the mists I liked but never purchased is Pink Spirit.

I regretted not purchasing Pink Spirit when I had the chance, so when I saw it for sale in store, I grabbed a bottle to add to my fragrance collection.

Here is what the bottle looks like…

Description of the fragrance on the bottle is…

Fresh Coconut and Home Game Win

I really didn’t like the bottle’s description of the scent, so I went online to find a better description of the scent. My favorite description of the scent comes from Elegant Home and Beauty, a UK based stores that sells the scent in their store. The describe Pink Spirit as…

 Made-for-campus scents set the vibe for a new year with fresh, Fall feels.

Smells like Fresh Coconut, warm hoodies and a home game win. Sweet victory.

Fragrance type
Fruity Gourmand

Fresh Coconut, Creamy Praline and Wild Berries

I really like the design of the bottle. It has a hot pink cap and collage of designs reminiscent of high school and college. It reminds me of the style Pink used to have in the mid to late 2000’s.

The scent reminds me of my high school days in the 2000’s. Back then, I loved vanilla, crème, and berry scented products. This mist would be the kind of scent I would want and wear. Today, I still love the same scents, and I love this scent a lot. I love the coconut notes and how the praline and berries mix together. It is also a lighter fragrance and would be perfect to wear when I want to smell nice and sweet, but not overpowering.

I high recommend this product to anyone who love lighter fragrances or summertime scents with berry notes.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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