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Bath and Body Works Summertime Surf Fine Fragrance Mist Review

During Bath and Body Works’ Winter 2021-2022 Semi Annual sale, they had many summertime scents as well as winter, Christmas, and fall time fragrances. When I had the chance to shop the sale, I missed most of the best sellers of the sale. Despite this, I was able to shop other products in scents that are retired or not available all the time. Even though I liked many scents, I liked two scents so much I decided to buy them in mist form. One of the scents is Pink Watermelon and the second is Summertime Surf. I already wrote a review about Pink Watermelon (You can read it here) but I wanted to write a review about Summertime Surf as well. Especially since this is the last week for the Winter 2021-2022 Semi-Annual Sale!

Here’s what the bottle looks like…

Bath and Body Work’s website describes the scent as…

A sweet, beachy blend of vanilla breeze, sea salt sands and sunny coconut.

I really like this scent. The coconut and seal salt scents give the fragrance a tropical, summertime feel while the vanilla anchors the fragrance very well. The scent is also light and lasted around two hours on my skin, but I could still smell it faintly on my wrists for hours afterword.

I recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a light summertime fragrance. Unfortunately, this fragrance is available during the winter time Semi-Annual sale, but if you can find it, I highly recommend picking up a bottle.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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