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5 Non-alcoholic Gift Ideas for a Host or Hostess

Recently, out of an abundance of worry that someday soon I will need to go to a dinner party, I researched gift ideas for the dinner’s host and/or hostess. While doing my research, I realized very quickly giving alcohol, such as wine, is still the most popular gift to give at a dinner party. I do not drink alcohol, (I’m allergic to most kinds of alcohol, so I don’t even try to drink just in case) so I don’t feel comfortable buying wine for someone. Since I don’t drink, I have no idea if the wine I’m purchasing is high quality. Also, I am worried that if I give wine as a gift, it may mean I am a drinker and the host will serve it to me for dinner.

In order to drop a hint about my desire to not drink, yet give something very nice that will be useful, I created a list of gift ideas for a host or hostess. I don’t find a lot of information about non-alcoholic gifts for dinner party hosts, so I wanted to write a post about five of my gift ideas. They are general ideas that will help anyone who needs a general gift idea that will appeal to most people.


Bringing a gift of flowers to a dinner party is a great and universally appealing gift for dinner party hosts. Flowers can be used as a dinner party decoration and will be enjoyed after the dinner is over. If you want to give flowers as a gift, then there are a few things you should know. First, make sure to buy real flowers. Do not do this unless you know the host very well and know they may like fake flowers or have some sort of allergy to real flowers. Otherwise, bring real flowers. Second, do not bring a bouquet of flowers without a vase. Again, this does depend on how well you know the host and if they will have a vase to put the flowers in. If you don’t know the host that well or are unsure if they have a vase available to put a bouquet of flowers in, then bring the flowers in a vase. And third, pick your flowers and flower arrangement base off the time of year the party is held in. This way, the arrangement or flowers will feature blossoms that are in season. Depending on the kind of flowers you pick, this could also be a cost effective way of giving a gift.


Olive Oil

An excellent alternative to giving wine at a dinner party is to give olive oil. Like wine, olive oil comes in different grades and qualities. It is also a common cooking oil that most people will use in their cooking. In order to make the gift of olive oil special, don’t buy a bottle from a common grocery store brand. Find one from a small olive farm or olive oil company. They usually come in glass bottles and are more expensive than common grocery store brands.


Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms don’t seem to be a great gift idea for a non-alcoholic present, but they can be a great gift idea anyway. Wine glass charms is a fun way to keep track of glasses. Because of this, it can be used by anyone who has wine glasses that look exactly the same. Also, if the dinner host uses wine glasses but does not serve alcohol or serves both alcohol and non alcoholic drinks, wine glass charms is a great way to keep track of the glasses and identify the drinks in the glasses.


Desert (Such as Macaroons and Petit Fours)

Bringing a desert as a gift can be a great gift for the host or hostess. Sometimes, the gift of desert may not be a good gift for everyone. Still, I think for the right person can be a great gift. The kind of deserts I would suggest giving are any sort of desert with a complicated recipe, baking process, or large amount of skill that is still a delecacy. Examples of these kinds of deserts include macaroons and petit fours.


A Candle or Candle Set

Finally, the last non-alcoholic gift idea for a dinner party is a nice candle or candle set. Even though candles are not something everyone loves to use, it is a great gift for a dinner party. An expensive candle or candle set, such as from Joe Malone or Dyptque, can be a great gift for a very formal dinner party, while Bath and Body Works candles would be a great gift for someone holding a less formal gathering. If you are worried about allergies or sensitivity due to scents, then consider a high quality, non scened candle or candle set instead.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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