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5 Things I Want to Do in Arizona During Christmas Time- 2018

Although there are locations in Arizona I want to travel to during the Christmas season, there are events I want to see around the state of Arizona. For today’s blogmas post, I wanted to list all the events in the state of Arizona I would like to see during Christmas time.

Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo

The first event I want to go to, and the one I want to go to the most, is Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo. I’ve heard great things about Zoolights and saw video of the lights on TV. They are so beautiful that I would love to see the lights on display. Plus, going to the zoo during the night time is something I would like to experience.

Glendale Glitters

Picking a certain city’s holiday light show was very difficult as there are multiple cities’ holiday lights around the state of Arizona I would like to see, but I had enough room for one city’s holiday lights so I had to pick one. I’ve heard a lot about Glendale Glitters for many years and it sounds like a lot of fun to see.

City Skate Ice Skating Ring at CityScape

When I heard of the City Skate Ice Skating Ring at CityScape, I didn’t want to go. Don’t get me wrong, it sounded like fun, but it did not seem to be something I might enjoy. At that time, I was on the search of something to do alone and without friends. So, ice skating in downtown Phoenix was not something I would like to do Now, my mind has changed, mostly because I have friends that would like to go with me,  and I would like to go ice skating at CityScape!

Holiday Balloon Glow at San Tan Village

This event sounded like a lot of fun when the San Tan Village began to have it, and I still think it sounds like fun. The holiday balloon glow is a Christmas event where there are Christmas vendors as well as hot air balloons. It is an event meant to for families, but it sounded like something I would like to do with a group of friends or alone. Also, since San Tan Village is a shopping mall, I could also do some Christmas shopping before the event.

Christmas Tree Lighting at the Anthem Outlets

The final event I would like to attend in Arizona is the Christmas tree lighting at the Anthem Outlets. The Anthem Outlets has the largest Christmas tree in the state of Arizona and, every year, they have an event to celebrate the tree’s lighting. I would love to go see the tree lighting or just to the Anthem Outlets to see the huge tree in person.

Well, that’s all for now! What are the holiday events you want to see in the area where you live?

Thank you for reading!

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