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Ballet Company YouTube Channels That Are Streaming The Nutcracker Performances- 2020

Well, this holiday season hasn’t turned out the way I wanted to. In addition to a lot of things happening in my real life (Including a health scare of one of my relatives (It has nothing to do with the pandemic)), I also missed a few days of Blogmas! To be honest, I suspected I may miss a few posts this year because this year has been so weird, but I still hoped it wouldn’t happen. Despite this, I still plan to make 25 or more posts this month… even if some of those posts are on the same day.

During this odd and stressful holiday time, I discovered several ballet companies are posting videos of their 2019 performances of The Nutcracker. This made me extremely happy to see because the videos are not clips of the performances, but of the whole entire show. Although I don’t have the time to search each ballet company’s YouTube channels (Or try to search and see if they actually have a YouTube channel) I wanted to share some of my favorite ballet YouTube channels that did post videos of their Nutcracker performances in full.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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