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Why Taking a Social Media Break Is Important… Even in 2020 and 2021

I think most of the people in the world can agree that 2020 was not only an unusual year, but not one of the best years they ever had in the lives. Although I won’t say I had a great year, I want to stay optimistic and see the good that happened this past year, even though I didn’t want to.

In the month of December, some problems I had offline in my real life began to surface and I had to deal with them. It was something I could deal with in a healthy way, and did in previous years, but I had problems with my mindset and how I can mentally deal with them. Because of this, I needed to take some time away from social media and this blog.

Although I did this with the intention of taking a break from creating new posts and focus on real life problems, it wasn’t until tonight when I realized how important it is to have a break from social media, even during the pandemic of 2020.

When the pandemic forced everyone to social distance, the internet, and social media, became the best place to communicate with each other. Even though it is important to communicate with family and friends, it is also important to communicate with them without social media. The reason is because social media can expose someone to something they don’t want or should be exposed to. It is already known social media can be toxic and make someone feel upset about how they aren’t in the “normal” crowd, but to use it as the only way to communicate with someone isn’t good. Although I didn’t use social media to communicate with my friends, I did use it as a way to see what other people are doing during the pandemic. And that’s why I needed to take a break from social media.

I already mentioned this in previous posts, but I suffered from a long term illness. I have recovered from it, but because of the years I suffered from it and how long it took me to recover from it made me miss out on many opportunities and major life events others my age would go through. Looking at posts on Instagram, reading post on blogs, and watching YouTube videos felt like a reminder that I missed out on them. So, when I needed to deal with problems in my life I needed a break in order to think and process how I feel, my disappointment about how my life turned out, and my frustration about how little I can do to change it.

This is why sometimes, even when social media should be a tool to communicate when there is no other way to communicate, a social media break is necessary. Withdrawing myself away from posting was important for me to deal with my hurt feelings and frustrations about my life. I also know that there are others like me.

So, if you feel like withdrawing from social media in 2021, even if it is for a week, don’t feel bad. It’s normal and healthy to do it. If you’re family and friends talk to you often on social media, ask them to try talking off social media, such as calling them on the phone, texting, emailing, Facetiming, or other ways of communicating without the social media experience to it. That way both you and the person you want to talk to do not need to worry about talking to each other and feel like you’re on social media. It’s more important to keep the relationship open, healthy, and honest. Not make posts that put a nice publicly spin on your life, making it sound a certain way.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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