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5 Holiday Things I Want to Do In My Future New Home

This holiday season I’m currently living with my relative. I started living with my relative when I became very ill years ago, but I always dreamed of buying my own house and living in it. In 2019, I planned to buy my own home and move out of my relative’s home, but my relative had some health issues that required me to stay and help my relative for the rest of the year. Although I planned to move out in 2020, the pandemic postponed home buying and moving indefinitely.

Despite this holiday season not being a normal one, or one spent in my own home, I still dream and plan for my future home. This has been hard because I’m not sure where I’m going to live or how big my home will ultimately be. Still, I think of all the fun things I can do while living in my future home. Since it’s the holiday season, I thought it might help myself feel more hopeful about my future home if I write a post about five holiday themed things I want to do in my future home.

Christmas Lights on the Exterior of My House

Since I live with my relative, I need to be careful what I do to the house. I can repair holes and other problems with the walls as well as help paint, but I cannot change the pain color of the interior and exterior of the house. In addition to this, decorating the house, such as hanging Christmas lights, needs to be approved by my relative. There are no HOA (Home Owner Association) requirements for the house to look a certain way, but my relative can be very picky about certain things about the house. My relative does not like hanging Christmas lights because of the hassle to hang them, but when I have my own house I would like some Christmas lights on the house. I don’t plan to make a huge light display, but I do plan to hang some lights from bushes in front of my house (If my house has bushes in front of the house) and/or getting creative with the way the front of the house looks like to make a light display.


Burning Christmas Scented Yankee Candles

My relative hates burning scented candles. I, on the other hand, do. Although I have allergies that limit the brands of candles I can burn, I can burn Yankee Candle. So, when I have my own home, I plan to burn an apple pie scented candle from Yankee Candle.


Put Up a Christmas Tree With Decorations Inspired by the Song “Santa Baby”

I had an idea years ago to decorate a tree in a certain theme. And for years I wanted a themed tree inspired by the song “Santa Baby”. I wanted to put fake Tiffany & Co. gift bags under the tree, some of my rhinestone jewelry from Amazon, random tiaras I collected over the years, and ornaments and other decorations that can be used as a reference to all the gifts the song talks about. I’m not sure how big the tree will be (Depends on my future home and how much room I have for a second tree) but I am actively collect items I would like to hang on the tree.


Bake Sugar Cookies and Pies

My relative likes sugar cookies and pies, but there isn’t much room in the kitchen for cooking lots of cookies and pies. It isn’t a big problem for me right now because I bake cookies and pies for my relative and I, but I would like to make more cookies and pies to give away as gifts to my friends. Right now I don’t have enough room to do this, so when I own my own home I would like to bake many cookies and pies for gifts.


Listen to Christmas Vinyl Records On My Record Player

It’s hard to listen to any kind of my music I like in my relative’s home. My relative doesn’t mind my music (At least, some of the music I like), but I still feel awkward and like I’m acting very rude and inconsiderate by playing it so openly while they’re around. Because of this, one of my first things I plan on doing during the holiday season in my future home, or just when I move into the house if I can’t wait that long, is play Christmas vinyl records on my record player. I would like to play Bing Crosby’s Christmas album, but I’ll need to wait to see what I end up feel like playing when the time comes.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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