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Movie Review: Holiday Inn (Broadway 2016 Pro Shot Version)

In a previous Blogmas post, I reviewed the 1942 movie Holiday Inn. In 2016, a theater musical version of the movie premiered on Broadway. In the 75th Anniversary edition DVD set I purchased of Holiday Inn, a pro shot version of the Broadway musical production was included as well as the 1942 movie.

Since it was included in the DVD set, I decided to watch the Broadway musical version and review it as well.

The musical follows the story of the movie with some changes. Jim Hardy, a song and dance man, decides to leave show business to buy a farm and settle down with his love, Lila Dixon. Despite this, Lila chooses to stay with their partner in the show, Ted Handover, and continue her quest to become famous. While working on the farm, Jim begins to miss performing and decided to open the farm into an inn that will be open on the holidays only. He also asks Linda Mason, a performer that became a school teacher and a member of the Mason family, the same family who owned the farm Jim purchased, to perform at Holiday Inn. During the inaugural performance on New Year’s Eve, Ted, who was dumped by Lila, showed up drunk and ruined the performance. The next day, Ted wakes up and, after realizing Linda is the perfect new dancing partner for him, begins to search for her.

Although the plot of the movie follows the movie’s plot and ends the same way as the movie, with Jim and Linda realizing how much they love each other, there are some big changes in the musical’s plot. For an example, in the musical, Linda is a school teacher that left performing while in the movie she is a struggling actress that is trying to get her career off the ground. In addition to this, there are song additions to to musical that are not in the movie. Some of the songs are Let’s Take an Old Fashioned Walk, an Irving Berlin song from 1949, and Cheek to Cheek, also by Irving Berlin for the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie Top Hat.

I really enjoyed watching the Broadway musical version of Holiday Inn. Even though I like the plot of the movie, I really like the plot and the changes of the Broadway musical. I love the inclusion of Irving Berlin’s other songs, including Cheek to Cheek, a song used in one of Fred Astaire’s best known movies. I really loved Bryce Pinkham (Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder) as Jim Hardy and Corbin Bleu (Disney’s High School Musical movies) as Ted Hanover as well as the rest of the cast.

I highly recommend watching this musical if you’re a fan of Broadway musicals, Bryce Pinkham, Corbin Bleu, or holiday musicals.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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