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E.L.F. Cookies n’ Dreams Eye Shadow Pallet Review

Months ago, I purchased two products from the E.L.F. Cookies ‘n Dreams collection. The first is a brush set, which I review in a post here. The second is an eye shadow pallet. I seriously debated if I wanted to buy the pallet because I don’t like drug store brand eye shadows. In the past, I had trouble finding a drug store brand with an eye shadow pallet that was highly pigmented. Even though I didn’t think I would like the pigmentation of the eye shadow, I decided to purchase the pallet anyway and give it a try.

This is what the eye shadow pallet looks like closed…


This what the colors in the pallet look like…

The shades in the pallet are in the color scheme of the Cookies ‘n Dreams collection. For me and my everyday makeup looks, the colors are more extreme and out of the ordinary for me. Despite this, I thought the pallet could be useful in the foreseeable future.

I already mentioned I don’t like eye shadow pallets from drug store brands. I used to have a handful of favorite drug store brands I use to buy eye shadow pallets from, but over the years these brands changed their formula and/or the kinds of colors available for sale. These changes forced me to find eye shadow pallets from different brands. Eventually, I began to buy premium brand eye shadow pallets due to their consistency of available colors, pigmentation, and formulas. Because of this, I’ve become a picky consumer of eye shadows. Even though I’m picky with my eye shadow pallets, I really wanted to give this pallet a fair chance.

The pallet is not like other drug store brand pallets I owned and used. I have used pallets with a chalky texture and poor pigmentation. This pallet does have a lot of fallout, but overall it wasn’t as bad as other pallets I used. Also, the pigmentation of the colors is much better than most drug store pallets I used. Some of the colors, specifically the lighter colors, are not as pigmented as the darker colors, but they could work for certain eye looks and can be useful. The texture is more dry and chalky than I like, but it’s not objectionable. Also, the shades blend very well and far superior than other drug store brands I used in the past.

Overall, the pallet is not a bad pallet. It may not be one I reach for on a regular basis, but that is because I don’t use the colors in the pallet frequently. I still prefer to use the more expensive pallets from premium makeup brands, but the pallet is a good buy. I recommend this pallet to anyone that wants a pallet with blue and brown colors for an affordable price.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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  • oliveunicorn

    I love the the blues comtrasted with the chocolate and cream shades . Very pretty . I may try to do this color scheme with some of the colors already in my stash.

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