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E.L.F. Cookies ‘n Dreams Eye Brush Set Review

A month or so ago, my closest Walmart had the E.L.F. Cookies ‘n Dreams collection for sale. I’m not a huge fan of E.L.F. Cosmetics, but I do love their brushes. I have an old but reliable eye shadow brush from E.L.F. that I would like to replace, but didn’t have the chance to do so. When I saw there was a three piece brush set in the collection, I decided to pick them up in hopes that I will be able to use the set in place of my old brush.

Also, I would like to mention these brushes are called a “brush set”. Not an eye brush set. After looking at the brushes, these brushes are in the shape and style of eye brushes. Because of this, I will be calling the brush set “eye brush set”.

This is what the brushes look like in the box..

And this is what the brushes look like out of the box…


All the brushes have a dark tip to the end that transitioned to the base of the brush.

I really like these brushes. The bristles are thick for the price point. They are stiff enough to pick up product but soft enough to apply product on the skin without being to ruff. The black tips of the brushes are also a great addition to the brush. Black will not show as much make up product staining as a lighter brush tip will.

Even though I like these brushes, I wanted to talk about a drawback to them. The handle of the brushes are made out of plastic. My old brush is made out of wood, which I really like. I assumed the brushes will have plastic handles because of their price point, but that didn’t deter me from purchasing them. I can also see the handles of these brushes could be easier to clean than wood. Also, there is no worry of warping with these brush handles. Still, I wanted to mention it as a drawback because I love my old wood handled brush.

I highly recommend these brushes to anyone looking at purchasing them. They may have plastic handles, but they are a great option for anyone looking for eye brushes for an affordable price. They are also durable, so I can see them lasting for a long time if they are cared for.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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