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E.L.F. Cookies ‘n Dreams Collection New Location at Walmart

A few weeks ago, I talked about a limited edition makeup collection, called Cookies ‘n Dreams, from E.L.F. located sold at Walmart. (You can read the post here.) The display for the collection has been gone for a while, but while looking at the makeup section, I found the collection is still available for sale. At the Walmart I found the collection at, the collection could be found in the E.L.F. section.

Since I took photographs of the original display for the collection, I wanted to share photographs of the collection’s new location.

Here is what the section where Cookie ‘n Dreams look like…

The collection has it’s own section in the E.L.F. section. From what I could see, all the products in the collection are available, but I’m not completely sure.

Despite my uncertainty about how many products are still available for purchase, there are many products I recognized from the original display…


I’m really happy to see the collection still available for sale. I have friends that missed purchasing products from the collection when I saw it the first time. When I saw the collection is still available for sale, I was happy my friends still have a chance to buy what they wanted. If anyone missed out buying products from the collection when it was originally released, please look in the make up section to see if it is still available there.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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