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It Cosmetics Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 Set Review

During Ulta Beauty’s 21 Days of Beauty for 2021, Ulta Beauty included brush sets from It Cosmetics as part of the sale. I really wanted to purchase some new brushes, but I couldn’t figure out which ones I wanted and from what brand. When I noticed It Cosmetics brush sets would be one sale, I decided my new brushes will be from It Cosmetics!

After looking at the selection in store, I decided to purchase the Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 set. I owned these brushes for a while now and I feel comfortable writing a review about them.

First, this is what the brushes look like in their package…

The set comes with five brushes, which you can read more information about each brush on the back of the sleeve…

The brushes come in a black patent faux leather traveling case with a black bow on the front. It’s a very sturdy case as well as elegant and understand.

Here is what the case looks like when open…

The case has a satin lining with three pockets for makeup and other items on the right side of the case. The left side of the case is where the five makeup brushes are located. Each brush has it’s own slot to sit in. All the pockets, including the brushes section, has elastic at the top of them. This will make keeping the items it holds secure.

This is what the much looks like without the brushes inside it…

And finally, here is what the brushes look like…

The brushes in the set are (From Right to Left): Airbrush Powder, Airbrush Foundation, Airbrush Concealer, Airbrush Shadow, and Airbrush Crease.

All five brushes have a metal handles. The bristles of the brushes are well packed and I experienced no loss of bristles when using the brushes. They are pretty sturdy and, because they are so tightly packed together, they pick up product and apply it well. They are also soft and are easy to clean with brush cleaner.

I really do enjoy using these brushes. My favorite way to use these brushes is by applying powder with the Powder and Foundation brushes and use the Concealer, Shadow, and Crease brushes to apply eye shadow and blend them out. They do a great job at making my makeup look really nice!

The only complaint I have with these brushes is I don’t use the Foundation and Concealer brushes to apply foundation and concealer. I do use the foundation brush to apply powder foundation, but not liquid. I do this due to personal preference and the way I like my brushes to be shaped more than the brushes themselves. I took this into account when I purchased the set last year. I knew I probably won’t use the Foundation and Concealer brush for their intended purposes due to their shape, but I thought I could use all the brushes for other parts of makeup application. Fortunately, I can and use all the brushes when applying my makeup. Still, if I had to pick something to dislike about this brush set, that’s what I would pick.

Overall, I love these brushes. They are very nice quality and worth the price. If you are lucky enough to find them on sale at Ulta Beauty, it’s even more worth the price. Just make sure you can use over half, if not all, the brushes in the set before purchasing. Not doing this for any brush set would be a waste of time and money!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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