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Thoughts on My Spring 2020 Fireplace Decor

It’s August and it’s about time I start looking at the decorations I have up to consider what I want to keep out on display until late September and what I don’t. After going around my house, I feel torn about taking down my current decor display on the fireplace.

I put it up in March, right before lock downs took place due to Covid-19. It turned out to be the display I needed to get through this trying time. It is a simple decoration, a magnolia leaf garland I bought at Michael’s craft store on sale in Spring 2019 and a picture frame with a plexiglass with the words “Grow through what you go through” I bought in Target’s Dollar Stop also in Spring 2019.

In order to make it visible against the fireplace, I put a piece of printer paper behind it so the words can be read.

The magnolia garland is beautiful. I was torn if I should buy it because I didn’t need it at the time, but now that I had it on display for the past few months, I love it to pieces.

The leaves and flowers are obviously fake up close, but they look very pretty no matter if you look at it up close or from a distance.


The garland is made out of a wood base, not a plastic one like my other garlands. The ends of the garland show the wood base.


I looked for a beautiful garland like this one for Fall and Christmas this year, but couldn’t find one. Even though I want to take down the display in September for Fall themed decor, I really don’t want to. I needed to see the words “Grow through what you go through” every day when I walk into the room. It cheers me up and encourages me more than I thought it would. I’m going to miss having the sign and garland on display on the fireplace while Fall and Christmas decor are on display. Even though the garland won’t work for Fall, Christmas, or even winter decor, I though about working the sign into my Fall and Christmas decor in some way. I’ll need to think about it because I may have another inspirational sign I can put up in it’s place, or I could make one like I keep thinking I should do. Decor is not the most important thing in the world, but seeing encouraging words on display in locations I normally see on a regular basis is something that keeps me going and sane in insane times.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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