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InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets Book Review

While browsing the book section of Dollar Tree, I found InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets. The book is by the editors of InStyle magazine and is supposed to serve as an ultimate guide for using make up, the best skincare for you skin type, and other beauty related need-to-know information. Since I bought it at the Dollar Tree, it cost only $1 USD, so I felt comfortable buying it, reading it, and, if I didn’t like it, I could donate it.

The front cover of the book looks like this…

In case anyone is wondering, there is a post card that you can fill out and mail for three free issues of InStyle magazine. This book has a publication date of October 2010, so I’m curious if they will still honor the advertised free issues postcard. I don’t want to try it because I don’t like reading InStyle, but I’m still curious.

The back of the book looks like this…

My book came with a barcode on the back, blocking out all some of the back cover’s description. I’m not bothered by this, but it did make me curious where this book came from.

The book is a soft cover book with very nice, high quality pages.

The only problem I have with the book’s binding is some of the pages seem to be stretched out so far the binding is visible.




It could be because the book is old and sat on a shelf at a book store where people leafed through it for years before it arrived at the Dollar Tree where I bought it. Still, it is something that I worried about because it could become a problem long-term for the book’s spine, resulting in a broken spine.

As for the contents of the book, it is divided into different chapters: Skin, Foundation and Concealer, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips, Nails, and The Best of the Rest, a Hodgepodge chapter where other beauty tips and tricks that doesn’t fit into the previous chapters can be found. In the back of the book, there are sections for a glossary, our experts (where you can find the credentials of the people who are quoted or gave expert advice for the book), index, and credits.

The way the book was written is different than what I expected. Instead of being written in the way I expected, lengthy descriptions that explain the science behind the tips and tricks in a novel style with photographs or tutorials with photographs, the tips and tricks are short explanation that is straightforward and to the point. The photographs that accompany the tips and tricks are meant more for decoration and aesthetics than to serve as part of a tutorial.


In each chapter, there are quotes from celebrities about their beauty tips and tricks. And at the end of each chapter, there is a Q & A section where there are questions in the theme of the chapter that required more in depth answer.


Because of the way the book is written, it is a very easy read and can be read in less than an afternoon, depending on how fast the person reads. It does provide many tips and tricks that, ten years after it’s publication, is still relevant and useful. It does talk about different skin tones, undertones, skin types, and other differences that can affect the way make up will lay on a person’s skin or affect someone’s skin health.

I personal found this book informative not only because of the information in it, but as a way to understand the modern day make up industry, skin care that is so popular today is for, and other beauty related products that are common today. Although I have skin allergies that prevent me from using all kinds of skin care and make up, some of them are discussed as good products, the book is written with the intention to being used by a wide variety of skin types, colors, and undertones. Because of this, there isn’t anything very radical or controversial in it, which is what made me worried and nervous when I picked up the book for the first time to look at it.

Overall, I liked this book. Even though I cannot use all the tips and tricks in this book, I still enjoyed reading it and learning about what other skin types, colors, and undertones need to use in order to keep themselves healthy and looking beautiful. I’m very happy I purchased this book and can add it to my collection.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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