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Christmas Presents to Myself- 2017

Last year, after watching videos about what the Youtubers got for Christmas, I decided not to talk about the presents I received simply because I didn’t feel comfortable talking about what others bought me. Instead, I decided to talk about the presents I bought myself because they would eventually end up here on this blog in one way or another.

Even though it’s the middle of January, some of the Christmas presents I bought myself didn’t show up until last week. Since it took so long to receive the presents (and in the case of my new boots, pick them out) it took me longer than I would like to talk about my presents.

So, onto the presents!

The first presents I bought myself was three fashion books, all three bought off Amazon.

The first book I bought was V&A Pattern: Slipcased Set #2…

This is a collection of books of fabric designs of clothing from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. There are different slipcase sets, but I chose this one because it has a book dedicated to Kimono designs. Each book can be bought individually, but I found it more economical to buy the slipcase set instead of each book individually.

These books, and other books that talk about fabric designs, are of huge interest to me because not only do I enjoy learning about fashion, I also know how to sew and design fabrics that I sell on Spoonflower. Learning more about historical fabric designs both helps me understand fabric designs better and inspires me to create future designs for sale. I have yet to go through the books in this slipcase, but, out of all the books I bought, I am the most excited to read this one and plan on using it as a reference in the future.

The second book I bought was Vogue & The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties Exhibitions People…

This book is about the Met Gala, an event held every first Monday in May to serve as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Out of all the books I bought, this one is the one I still feel unsure about. If I buy fashion books, I like to use them as a reference book for my sewing inspiration or learn about fashion. This book does not actually fall into this category because it talks, not just about the exhibitions or the fashion, but the people who attended the Gala.

Despite this, and debating about buying the book for over a year, I bought it because I think it would be interesting to read and learn more about the Met Gala. I have yet to read it, but, after flipping through it, it looks like it doesn’t focus too much on the people who attend the Gala and what they wear. Which is what I was hoping for.

The last book I bought was Vogue on Christian Dior…

Although there are other books about Dior than this one, Vogue on Dior cost the least. I have yet to read it, but after flipping through it I found many photos of Christian Dior’s fashions from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. This is my favorite time period for the fashions of the House of Dior, so I’m very excited to actually sit down and read this book to learn more about one of my favorite fashion designers.

And finally, the last present I bought myself was UGG Mini Bailey Bow II boots in chestnut…

I wanted a pair of Ugg boots for a while, but I never tried to buy a pair until my last pair of slip on boots wore out last year. I searched for months for a replacement, but couldn’t find a pair that I liked. Finally, I decided to try an Ugg boot instead, and I’m very happy I did!

Stylistically, these boots are not as nice to look at as my worn out pair of boots, but they are comfortable! They will work well for me during the summer months, but during the winter the are wonderful. I’m so happy I bought them!

Overall, I’m happy with what I purchased myself for Christmas. I’m currently hoping to buy a pair of UGG slippers in time for winter next year, so that’s on my to-buy list for later. As for the books, I’m very excited to start reading! All I need is some time to sit down and read them.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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