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November 2017 Sephora Haul Part 2

It’s January 2018 and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Although I planned on posting the second and last Sephora haul from November 2017, I decided to delay the post because some of the items that came in this haul were Christmas presents. I ended up leaving the presents out of this haul, but I wanted to delay this post just in case the present’s recipients read it.The first item I bought from Sephora is a lip gloss from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

The lip gloss is part of The Galaxy Collection. The shade I bought, Spacesuit, is the last lip gloss from The Galaxy Collection I needed to buy in order to own the complete lip gloss set.

Although I really liked the other three lip gloss colors, I was unsure of the color. I thought it would look too peach and would blend into my fair skin color more than I want my lips to. After playing with the other colors, I believed the peach would not blend into my skin color as much as other peach colored lip sticks and glosses I’ve tried in the past. So, I bought it and swatched the gloss, I think this gloss color could be the most wearable color of all the gloss colors for my skin tone.

The second and last item I bought and can talk about in this post is a small sample bottle of Giorgio Armani’s Stronger With You Eau de Toilette.

If you’ve read my previous posts about fragrances, you already know that I have a hard time picking and wearing any fragrance because of allergies to the fragrances. A while ago, my boyfriend asked if I could find a cologne he could wear without making my allergies go crazy. After searching for a few months, I found two, one of them being Giorgio Armani’s Stronger With You.

I love Because It’s You, the women’s fragrance that accompanies Stronger With You, so when I discovered Stronger With You does not aggravate my allergies, I was extremely happy. I wanted a bottle of Stronger With You so I could have a scent that reminded me of my boyfriend, I didn’t want to by a large bottle. Sephora had a special in November that if you typed in a code you can get a small sample bottle of a fragrance. Stronger With You was one of the fragrances to pick from, so I ordered it.

The fragrance bottle is much smaller than what the full sized bottle is, but I still love it. It holds a fragrance that means a lot to me and it’s not a full sized bottle with the full sized bottle’s price.

The last item I received in my package was my VIB welcome package.

I did not make it a goal to make it to VIB status on Sephora this year, or ever, but I ended up there anyway.

Well, that’s all I have to talk about for now!

Thank you for reading!


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